Thursday, September 1, 2016

Humpty Dumpty.....

7:36 am - Thursday - Sunny, 39 F degrees....order is restored....Wednesday had begun with overcast skies and then progressed to quite blustery wind out of the south which pushed the clouds away.

Around 11:30 we decided to ride back to Baldwin Beach with our beach chairs to spend a few hours enjoying the view and reading.....from our coach it's about 5.5 miles each way with about 4 miles each way being on the Camp Richardson bike path which wends its way through stands of ponderosa and lodgepole pines.

We found a spot on the beach in front of a large ponderosa pine giving us the requisite shady spot to pitch our beach chairs and towels......

.....there was no one within a 100 yards of us either direction.......

.....we caught a view of the Tahoe Queen paddle boat returning to SLT from Emerald Bay....

....other than the Tahoe Queen there were very few boats visible from our vantage point which added to the feeling of being on a deserted isle somewhere.  The wind continued to blow from the south (now at our backs) until just before we began our ride back to TVC around 2:15.

One of our customers, Elizabeth who is in her 90's, had a neighbor help stow her patio awning while we were gone due to the aforementioned wind.  She asked me, when we returned, if I would come and look at the awning to be sure it was stowed properly (as you might recall I helped her replace a broken support on the awning a couple of months ago).   I climbed up on a short ladder (about 4' tall) to examine the point where the right arm of the awning should have been latched in place for travel as it didn't seem to be latching.  In the process I did something I never do........I stood directly on the top of the ladder to get a better view of the awning arm.  The thing you always fear when you do this happened......the ladder began to wobble, I lost my balance and tumbled to the ground bruising my left heel to the point where it is now difficult to walk.  I don't think I've broken anything, but my heel is quite painful when I apply weight while standing.

In spite of my self inflicted injury I managed to grill up some great filets on the Sea-B-Que to which TLE added a bottle of Pinot Noir, corn/avocado salad and a baked potato.  We ate outside at the picnic table talking and enjoying the balmy early evening air.

Next up....we go back to work this afternoon at the beginning of the Labor Day Saturday TVC will be about 70% full once again for a few days.

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