Thursday, September 22, 2016


7:30 am - Thursday - 33 F degrees, 34% humidity, wind - calm, sunny, cloudless skies.  Projected high for Thursday......51 F degrees......COLD!

Wednesday was departure day for our friends Charles and Bobbie, but the Jello had other ideas.  They had planned to be on the road by 8 am, however, one of the slides on their trailer would not retract, and so began the 3+ hour odyssey to fix the problem.  Ultimately they had to call a local mobile RV service to get help, and with his help they were able to get the slide retracted.  As it turned out the gear box had malfunctioned causing the problem, and they had to remove that in order to manually retract it.  By that time it was after 11 am, but their destination was only a 100+ miles away.  We got a text around 8 pm advising they were staying with friends for a few days after dropping off the trailer at a local RV service and repair place to get the slide gear box replaced.

We, obviously, had to be at work at noon, so we got ready and were clocked in by 11:51 am.....another very quiet began to sprinkle on and off, and that continued until about 3 pm.  At times it rained quite hard, or what has passed for 'hard' this summer.  Anything to keep the dust down!  It was a perfect day to spend down in the maintenance yard cleaning and reorganizing the electrical/plumbing shed.  It has been a mess almost from the very beginning going back to May, but there has just not been time, plus there were just too many people in and out of there to do anything that would be long lasting.  Now that there are just a few of us left it was time.  

As I worked separating 30 amp breakers from 50 amp breakers, separating screws from washers, bolts from nuts, elbows from T's, I could hear the rain beating on the metal roof of the shed from time to time....the time just melted away.....before I knew it my watch read almost 5 pm, and I had not taken 'lunch' yet.  Just about the time I glanced at my watch TLE's voice comes over the two way radio asking if I was ready to take a break......of course I am....I picked her up at the office/store, and we headed for the Newell.

After lunch I went over to the pool, which was unoccupied, and found that the water was cloudy, and then discovered all the skimmer filters were clogged with pine needles, which was a bi-product of the winds we had most of the day.  I began to empty out the filters, but then realized the surface of the pool was covered with floating pine needles, so decided the most effective way to begin was to get the long handled  net to skim the pine needles out of the pool.  Once that was done I then emptied the filters.  Inside the pump house we have two more filters that catch anything not caught by the pool skimmer filters, and they were also clogged to a lesser degree.  Once they were clean I checked the PH, and chlorine levels, made adjustments and then left the pool equipment to do the heavy lifting of clearing the water.

By the time I finished with the pool it was 6:45 pm, and it was time to begin emptying trash cans in the office/store/lounge.  Things were very quiet the last hour....we had a couple of 'walkins', and one reservation show up, but that was it.  We clocked out just after 8 pm, and were home by 8:15 with another TVC day in the books.

The weather is definitely getting cooler as we edge towards the the Fall Equinox, which, coincidentally is today (September 22nd) definitely feels like Fall has arrived.

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