Monday, December 10, 2018

Actually there are now 7 left....

4:13 am - Monday - December 10th - Campbellsville, KY - 29º F (feels like 23º), humidity 78%, wind 6 mph out of the north by northeast.....partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 43º F.

In our ever changing world in this information age the information about our 'End Date' keeps changing.  There is now NO VET time being offered after 12/19, which is still our end date, but we can work our MET days even if they are cancelled.  As a result of that change TLE and I have signed up to work both Tuesdays (our MET days) on the 11th and 18th.  That will earn us another $765.  When all the accounting is done we should leave here having earned about $12,000 (net) for 8 weeks of toil.

Sunday morning brought us freezing was raining when we woke up and the rain had frozen on the surfaces of everything including the glass on the VW.  Removing frost from a windshield is one thing, but removing ice is quite another, and it took us a few minutes to accomplish that before we drove to work at 6 am.  Fortunately the roads were not icy.....just everything else.

Inside the concrete bunker once again we were shielded from the weather reality outside, but we trade the bad weather for endless, overwhelming at times, sound.....the sounds of the hundreds of fans moving air....the clickety clack sounds of the miles of conveyors moving customer's orders from 'pick' to 'pack' and out the door to be picked up by UPS, FedEx and USPS and delivered into the welcoming hands of the expectant customers in two days, or less.....the sounds of hundreds of carts rolling along concrete, or wooden flooring.....the sounds of two way radio conversations crackling in the background, and the incessant sounds of beeping Motorola scanners.  There are times when I wouldn't mind just standing outside feeling the rain hit my face....freezing, or not.....:-)

I continued my exile in Building 'C' spending 9 of my 10 hour shift on P-2-E.....not even a short vacation in 'F', for me on Sunday.....the only change was about an hour spent on P-3-E.  Almost everyone in our orientation group was there too, so it's not like I have been singled out, or anything.  TLE continues to enjoy Building 'B' and all the amazing variety it offers, while I only pass through Building 'B' for breaks, and on my way to lunch in Building 'A'.

In spite of my continued incarceration in Building 'C' the time did pass rather quickly, and before I knew it I was hearing the chimes announcing the beginning of another evening of parole, and a return to the outside world for another 13.5 hours......kind of like 'work release' I guess.....:-)

We spent the three hours before bed time watching another Christmas movie on the Hallmark channel and were in bed once again by 8 pm knowing we have just 7 more days of labor inside the concrete bunker before we head south to Nashville, and our flight home for Christmas.

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