Friday, December 14, 2018


4:17 am - Friday - December 14th - Campbellsville, KY - 50º F, 60% humidity, wind 5 mph out of the east......mostly cloudy today with a forecast high of 53º F.

On our donut hole day off work we had little ambition except to gird up for our last 4-5 days of work this Peak Season.  I spent time replacing the sewer connection elbow which I had run over with the VW the other day during the ice storm.  I ordered a new one from Amazon that night and had it in my hands by Tuesday afternoon after work......

.....once the new elbow was installed and my sewer connection reestablished I went about doing my weekly black tank dump ceremony.  The old elbow was translucent just as the one pictured, but the one I got from Amazon is completely clear which will aid in making completely sure the water coming out after flushing the tank a few times is completely debris free, if you know what I mean, and thereby 'clean'.

Once the deed was done we got dressed to go out for lunch at Longhunter's Coffee and Tea Cafe in Greensburg, about 11 miles away in Green County, which is also in the Central Time Zone.  Yup, there are two time zones in Kentucky.  Here in Campbellsville we are at the very western edge of the Eastern Time Zone.  When we got there I thought it was about 1 pm, but their clock read 12 pm.  At first I thought my watch was wrong, then TLE reminded me they are in a different time zone than Campbellsville.....doh!

We visited Longhunter's for lunch 6 years ago when we were here at Amazon our first time.  At the time we visited with our Amazon friends Jim, Sharon, Richard and Pat.....

December 7th, 2012.....left to right: TLE, Jim, Sharon, Pat and Richard

.....we enjoyed our lunch there so much we decided to pay them a visit to see if all was the same, and we were not disappointed......

.....we immediately ordered a pot of their 'Press-Pot Coffee' (french press), and for our entrees I had their Combo #1....half sandwich (BLT), and a bowl of their Potato Soup....TLE had their Corned Beef Sandwich....OMG, that soup was that for which to die!  The food and service were just as fine as they were 6 years ago!

We had a lovely, slow lunch talking about the short time left in the area, and about our plans afterwards.  Time is short and it is time to begin to think about the logistics of our travels to come over the next 6 weeks after we leave Campbellsville.

We were home by 2:30 pm with big, satisfied smiles upon our collective faces, and getting ready mentally for the next 4-5 days of work.....I say 4-5 as we don't know if our MET (Mandatory Extra Time) day on Tuesday will be on, or off, and we probably won't know util Monday sometime.  Either way, this is our last work week before we roll our wheels.

We were in bed by 8 pm....thanks for stopping by!

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