Friday, December 28, 2018

Home Sweet Home.....

7:02 am - Friday - December 28th - Chattanooga, TN - 52º F, humidity 92%, wind - CALM.......heavy cloud cover with continuous rain all night long and this morning. Forecast high for today in Chattanooga is 65º F, but we will not be here to see it.  We are continuing our drive southward to Cedar Key today.  We will probably get as far at Valdosta, GA today where the high will be 72º F, but we'll see how far we get with all the rain along our route.

In yesterday's 'Homecoming' blog I really covered Wednesday and Thursday in a 'Reader's Digest' kind of way......I'm pretty sure most of my readers know about, or have read Reader's Digest, but in case you have not I have provided a link.  Anyway, I took a 55 second video of Christmas morning at our son Chris' home which I just rediscovered this morning.  This video really gives you a flavor of what Hockwald gatherings are like......

.....there are typically '19' conversations in progress at all times!  Being home for Christmas this year was very special since we missed Christmas last year while working at the Grand Canyon.  So funny that we missed Christmas last year when we were only 300+ miles from home, but managed to get home when were over 2,000 miles from home this year!  

As TLE and I age being around family for these special times of year becomes more and more important.  Our children's families are expanding, and their children are growing so quickly.  The last time we were home two of our youngest grand children (Brayden and Jolene) did not even speak, and now they talk in complete!

I really do not like to drive in the rain, but it appears that for the second consecutive day it will be so.  We could just sit still for another day, but sunny skies and warmer, drier weather await us in Cedar Key, so we will press steadily onward to arrive there by Saturday the 29th.  

It began raining about 15 minutes after we arrived in Chattanooga, and never stopped all night long.  TLE had left me setting up the DirecTV to go shopping in Walmart, and she did not know it was raining.  I sent her a text message while she was in the store to ask if she had worn a coat, and she replied she had not.  I advised her it was raining hard, and did she want me to bring her hooded rain jacket to her to which she replied "YES!', so I trundled into the store to find her just passing through the checkout line....perfect timing.  As we walked across the puddle covered parking lot with rain pelting us all the way to the Newell I put my arm around TLE and told her how much it means to me to have her with me on this journey.  Here we are walking in the rain in a strange parking lot to our home on wheels.......and, as strange as it may seem, it does feel like home no matter where it may be parked at the time.  Here we are in a place we have never been before, and yet it all seems so familiar.  The view may be different, but it still feels like home.  We go inside, close the curtains and we are's as simple as that.

We watched a recorded English Premier Soccer game, then a recorded Fraser (they make me laugh out loud) and were in bed by 8:30 pm.  We both woke up 10 hours later at 6:30 pm feeling refreshed and ready for a 300+ mile drive down to Valdosta today.  We are presently just over the border from Georgia and within minutes of leaving this Walmart parking we will be in that state for the rest of the day.

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