Monday, December 3, 2018

'Days of Our Lives'.....

4:21 am - Monday - December 3rd - Campbellsville, KY - 37º F, 81% humidity, wind 5 mph out of the west.....partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 41º F......that's 23º lower than yesterday!

 I have to open this installment of 'Days of Our Lives' telling you that I finally escaped from Building 'C', and Pick Mod 'E' once again just before the lunch break Sunday.  It was miraculous.  I was picking on P-2-E after having picked on P-4-E and P-3-E.  A message came over my scanner requesting (it always says 'Please') me to move to (I thought) P-1-E....a logical conclusion, right?  This was about 11:10 am.....5 minutes before the lunch chimes sound.  I dutifully walked down the stairs to the ground floor, found a 'pick' cart, got a couple of totes and then looked at my scanner again to see where I was to start picking. It was then I noticed that my scanner was really directing me to P-1-C!  After 11 hours of picking in Pick Mod 'E' I was free once again to return to Buildings 'A' and 'B', and that is where I remained the rest of Sunday (TLE also escaped right at the end of the 10 hour shift).  Being able to 'pick' back in areas which provide so much variety with virtually no 'stowers' really made my day seem to gain speed.  The time passed quickly, and once again TLE and I were exiting the concrete bunker arm in arm walking home in the last light of what appeared to have been a marvelous, sunny day.

The day was filled with laughter at break times, and up and down the long picking aisles as I crossed paths with many friends during the day.  Once again another MET day (Monday) was cancelled for those who begin their work week on Thursday of each week, making Monday their 5th (MET) day.  This makes 3 MET days cancelled in succession, and leads those of us on the DH-3 shift to believe our MET day on Tuesday may also be cancelled this week.  We are only speculating at this point as we will not find out until 'Stand Up' on Monday morning, or perhaps by lunchtime at the latest.  We begin each week planning on working 5 days, and so far we have worked 3 MET days, so we are still planning to work this Tuesday, but if we, instead, get 3 days off work there will be no complaints.

In our original orientation group there are about 4 people who are battling colds right now....thankfully TLE and I have been spared so far.  I've already had my 2nd cold of 2018, so I am theoretically done for the year with colds......I usually get two a year, but I've been taking my ZICAM each day as a precautionary measure.  There is nothing worse than 'picking' for 10 hours, and being sick.......nothing....well, maybe being 'put to the rack', or having your finger nails pulled out one by one, but not much else.

I wish I had more Amazon wisdom and/or witticisms to dispense, but the well, for now, has run dry, so I will bid you adieu once again and begin the task of girding up for another day inside the concrete bunker....thanks for stopping by!

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