Tuesday, December 18, 2018


4:15 am - Tuesday - December 18th - Campbellsville, KY - 30º F, 91% humidity, wind 1 mph out of the west by northwest......clear today with a forecast high of 49º F.  Our last day in the concrete bunker is about to begin!  After today no more getting up at 4 am!

December 18th....our last day of work at Amazon!

That vague feeling of ennui (än-wē) is settling in again......it will soon, very soon, be time to exchange 'until next times' with our new friends.  On Tuesday we will enter the concrete bunker one final time through the revolving gate after scanning our ID badges, we will sit in the break room from 6:10 am until about 6:22 am talking and laughing with friends before we walk to swipe our ID badges on the time clock to clock in for the day.  We will head to 'Stand Up' one more time to stretch, hear a few safety and quality tips, some current Amazon news and then pick up our Motorola scanners to begin scanning the first of another 800-1,000 items for the day.

So, what happened Monday, our second to last day in the concrete bunker?  Nothing really exceptional, except maybe that I had my highest picking quarter ever in the 3rd quarter......394 items scanned and 'picked'.....that's what it is like when the 'picking' is easy.  Sometimes you just get on a run where nothing will stop you until the very end of the quarter when you have to empty everything in one 'A' bin (the one at ground level) to find a tiny item....that one bin was all that stood between me and breaking the 400 mark for the one and only time in my life, and, alas, I fell 6 items short as the chimes sounded shortly thereafter announcing the end of the 3rd quarter and break time.

TLE and I worked in P-1-A (Pick Mod 'A') together most of the day, and frequently crossed paths throughout the day.  Sometimes I would see her first and whistle, and sometimes she would see me first and call out 'HOCKWALD!'.....sometimes we would stop to chat for a couple of minutes before continuing.  It was just a nice day all around.  Everyone I saw had a smile on their face, even those whom I have never seen smile the entire 8 weeks we have been here.  Our bodies are kind of worn down by the mostly 50 hour weeks....our eyes are tired, and we're all tired of getting up way too early every morning.  It is time to return to a life of leisure.  As I walk up and down the endless aisles of the concrete bunker I distract myself by thinking about standing bare footed in the warm ocean waters on Florida's Gulf Coast while watching the sun dip beneath the western horizon....I think about taking numerous leisurely bicycle rides.....I think mostly about not being on anyone's schedule except for my own.....no chimes, no conveyor buzzers blaring announcing a conveyor jam up, no more whirring fans.....no more gigantic 'Big Ass Fans' high overhead putting off their 'field of crickets' sounds.....just the sounds of waves lapping around my feet, and warm zephyrs caressing my face....the feel of the warm sun on my body....no more chilly walks at 6 am downhill to the concrete bunker for me!

It is time to hitch up the trailer and roll our wheels once again.....stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!

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