Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Christmas Day.....

6:47 am - Wednesday - December 26th - Ontario, CA - 46 F, 71% humidity, wind 4 mph out of the north by northwest........sunny today with a forecast high of 66 F!  It is the day after Christmas and we are enjoying the early morning views of the local San Bernardino Mountains as I compose today's missive.  We will taking the 'red eye' back to Nashville at 9:30 pm.

Ahhhhh, Christmas morning, and our annual Christmas Brunch at Chris' home in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.  This has been our Christmas morning tradition for many years now.  Chris is an excellent home chef, and he makes one of the best Posole (Mexican Chicken Soup) I have ever eaten, and this year's batch was the best ever.  I am not, as a habit, a breakfast soup kind of person, but I am on Christmas morning.....oh yeah!

We were awake after only 5 hours of sleep, and getting ready to drive from Tim's home up to Chris'.....about a 15-20 minute drive....for brunch.  We arrived just before 9 am, and the rest of our family shortly thereafter.....

 Mimosas for everyone....

 Our oldest grand daughter, Cynthia and her family -  left to right: Cynthia, Jameson, Daniel Jr. and Daniel (husband)

 Our youngest daughter, Sharon, and her family - left to right: Rod, Brayden James, and Sharon

 Our middle daughter, Kate, and her family - left to right: Elijah, Kate, Nick (husband), Jolene, and Charlise

 Our youngest son, Tim and his wife, Laila who will give birth in about 4 weeks to our newest grandson, and 20th member of our family

 Our oldest son Chris (left) and his family -  left to right: Cynthia, Rochelle (wife), and Christopher

19 strong, and in about 4 weeks 20 strong

......we ate, laughed......there are always 14 conversations if progress when our family gets together, and I love it.....we opened presents and were especially attentive to the reactions of our young grand children and great grand children as they opened their Christmas treasures.  Soon it was time for our annual Christmas pictures.  Our growing family  is now 19 strong, with a new grandson (Crosby) to arrive in the next few weeks making us 20 strong.  As I look at the group picture above I cannot help but realize that for TLE and I joining forces 47+ years ago this picture would not exisit.....these relationships and families would not exist.  I cannot imagine it being otherwise.  It is both humbling and gratifying to see our children prospering and raising such wonderful families.

From Chris' home we hitched a ride with Kate and Nick back to their new home in the Jurupa Hills overlooking the Jurupa Valley.  This is the home they purchased after they sold the home we sold to them a few years ago....

.....I neglected to take any pictures, but here are a couple Kate posted on her Facebook page a while back......the house has a small footprint, but it three stories tall with a two car garage.  They have a wonderful west looking view of the Jurupa Valley, which will enable them to enjoy many wonderful sunsets for years to come.  The first picture is of the exterior of the home, and the second (a dinner party a while back) shows the view of the valley.

We hung out with Kate and her family until 1:30 pm when we made the drive back to Ontario for Christmas Dinner with Nick's family.  We had a lot of face time with our kids, grand kids, great grand kids, and inlaws.  By the time we reached Tim's home around 4:30 pm we had eaten way to much food, and were just ready to relax.  Tim turned on their Jacuzzi for TLE and I to enjoy and that is just what we did.  By 8:30 pm we were in bed trying catch up on a little 'shut eye' before our return flight Wednesday evening.  I'm sure there will be a few more naps Wednesday before we leave for the airport.

Our trip home has been everything for which I had hoped, and more.  Time is going by way too quickly, but life is good, and my heart is spilling over with happiness and satisfaction.

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