Wednesday, December 19, 2018


6:56 am - Wednesday - December 19th - Campbellsville, KY - 30º F, 100% humidity, wind 4 mph out of the south......clear today with a forecast high of 57º F.....tomorrow our location will finally read differently, and we will have a new is the 3rd day in a row without rain.

 December 19th.....we roll our wheels in 4 hours!

As we made the 1/4 mile downhill walk to the concrete bunker for the last time in our 8 week sojourn working at Amazon I felt a lightness in my step, and a surge of optimism.....this would be my last day on someone else's schedule for a very, very long time.  We have worked a lot in the last 12 months, and now it is time to enjoy the fruits of those labors!  

Our 10 hour shift seemed to pass quickly, and I, thanks to the big Amazon AI* in the sky, managed to remain in Building 'A' for the entire shift, even though I was moved around quite a bit.  I finally ticked off the last Pick Mod in the 1 million square foot building......P-4-A.  I only picked 4, or 5 things there, but I was there.  As I heard the final chimes announcing the end of the shift, and the end of our obligation here at Amazon I gave a short fist pump in the air and thought....."I did it!  I finished!".  As we waited in line at the time clock to record our final time stamps in the computer I felt totally out of gas both mentally and physically.....I literally felt like I could not work one more hour, let along another day like several of our Amazon friends are doing, and as I write this morning they are still trudging up and down the endless aisles of Amazon obediently pulling the next item on their Motorola scanners from the designated bin to scan and drop in their tote.....just one tote of about 120 they will fill on this day.

Our friend, Fred, made reservations at Colton's for Tuesday evening at 6 pm about 10 days ago for our orientation group to celebrate the end of our Amazon days this year.  We were home by 5:10 pm, and relaxing before we got dressed to go out to dinner.  Fred had arranged for a private room at Colton's for our party, and it was perfect......

Left to right: Moi, TLE, Fred, Di, Don, Jim, Connie and Wendy all we had 10 people in our original orientation group, and 8 of us managed to make it to Colton's.  Len and Darlene still have one more day (Wednesday), and will be working their sixth consecutive day in a row, so they were focused on rest and recovery for their final Amazon day.  We had a great group of 10, and were by far the smallest orientation group that I saw this year.  I'm glad we were only 10 as we were able to get to know everyone, and really enjoyed each others company.  Without these friends to laugh with, and talk with each day Amazon would have been almost unbearable.  We talked and laughed for almost 3 hours before finally breaking up for the evening and heading to our respective homes.  I can only speak for TLE and I, but we had a very satisfied, warm feeling as we drove home.

Now we turn out attention to what comes next.  We have left our schedule for the next few weeks necessarily vague waiting for things to develop.  We will head to Nashville where we will spend time being tourists for 5 days before boarding a plane on Monday to fly home for Christmas.  We'll be back in Nashville on the 28th, and then head south into Florida.....from there the Jello is a little murky, but we'll figure it out and life will continue to be good.

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*AI = Artificial Intelligence

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