Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Goodbye MET......

7:15 am - Tuesday - December 4th - Campbellsville, KY - 35º F, 88% humidity, wind 6 mph out of the north by northwest.....cloudy today with a forecast high of 37º F.  Once again it is very cold on our days off work.  It is supposed to be 33º

We found out our MET* day, Tuesday, had been cancelled just before lunch time.  I was prepared mentally and physically to work the 5th day this week, but it appears we are not needed, so now we have an unexpected 3 day weekend.  At any rate, it was a regular day inside the concrete bunker.  Other than the MET* cancellation news it was business as usual.  Each quarter (for example - 6:30 am to 9 am is one quarter of the shift) kind of takes on a life of its own, and as the quarters worked pile up over 8 weeks it becomes almost impossible to remember where you were at any given time just a day, or two later.  That is the lot of the 'repetitive task' employee......'wash, rinse, dry, repeat' day after day, week after week.  Fortunately for us 'Camperforce' folk it stops at the 'week after week' at the 8 week mark, or whatever duration you have chosen, but for those for whom this is a permanent job it stretches into months and possibly years.  Fortunately permanent employees work 10 hour shifts, just like we do, and during most of the year (outside of Peak Season) they (the permanent workers) would be working just 4 ten hour days per week, with 3 days off each week.  Once you get used to the routine the time does begin to pass more quickly, and I can see how one might adapt to the work routine.  For me the deal breaker would be the constant background noise.  I do not think I could take that on a long term basis.  When you, during your hourly movement from one Pick Mod to another, come to a quiet place, like P-1-C, the difference is startling, if not jarring.  You find yourself wanting to linger there as long as possible.

I was blessed to spend a great portion of Monday's 10 hour shift ensconced in the quiet confines of P-1-C, and that is where I spent the last 90 minutes of Monday's meanderings throughout the bowels of the concrete bunker.  TLE actually joined me for about 30 minutes in P-1-C right after lunch....it was just the two of us picking up and down the Pick Mod from row 14 to 84 and back again.....very nice.  Catching an occasional glimpse of TLE, or sharing something funny with her is one of the things that makes my day tolerable.

When we walked to work Monday morning at 6 am it was about 55º F, but when we exited it had dropped to 35º F, and it was blustery adding a little wind chill factor to the mix.  We felt a kind of lighthearted as we made the uphill trek home knowing we had three days off work.  Life is good, and soon we will be winging our way home to see our kids, grandkids and great grandkids for Christmas.

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*MET = Mandatory Extra Time

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