Sunday, December 2, 2018

We're in!

4:15 am - Sunday - December 2nd - Campbellsville, KY - 55º F, 88% humidity, wind 7 mph out of the south by southeast......clear today with a forecast high of 64º F.....and then it gets C-O-L-D again!

All through the night I was aware it was raining....sometimes hard.....always raining.  We awoke to rain, and it continued raining so hard that we took the VW to work once again.....two days in a row.  As I wandered up and down P-1-C first thing Saturday morning I could hear water coming down the large 12 inch diameter PVC drain pipes from the roof.  I could hear the water running each time I passed one......all day long.  And when we emerged from the bunker a little after 5 pm it appeared it had just stopped raining.  Of course, it was not done....not by a long shot.

It was another routine picking day, although not as productive for me as Friday, but a good day considering how often I was moved early on, and where I ended up about mid has been about 3 weeks since I passed through the door into Building 'C', and I have not missed it one little bit.  The 'picking' is hard there, and there are always a lot of 'stowers' adding to the difficulty factor.  Oh well, it is what it is.  Hopefully Sunday I'll find my way back out of Building 'C'.

We saw on the news that George H.W. Bush, POTUS # 41, had died sometime Saturday at the age of 94.  It seems just a short time ago that he finished his one and only 4 year term as President, and now 26 years later he has passed.  He was a war hero, a wonderful family man, and a lifetime public servant.  I wish there were more like him in Washington D.C.

When TLE was preparing breakfast Saturday it was observed we were running short on Half & Half, so right after work we drove directly over to Kroger's to buy some more before heading home.  Even with the detour we were home by 5:15 pm.  About and hour after we got home the skies opened up once again.  The rain was so hard we lost our satellite signal and had to finish watching the Alabama vs. Georgia NCAA football game via live streaming.

I opened up my e-mail account to find that our friends Forest and Cindy with whom we are traveling to Alaska this summer had succeeded in securing reservations at Teklanika in Denali for one week, so we are in!  Since we are seniors the daily price is $12.50 (50% off) making our total for 7 days $87.50.......

......Forest sent me a PDF copy of the reservation details.  That is really the only long range reservation we plan on making this summer, so now that we know when we need to be in Denali we can begin to plan the rest of our 'Jello' itinerary.  December 1st was the opening day for reservations in Denali this summer.  Teklanika is a no frills campground.  We will be dry camping the entire time, but we are used to dry camping for much longer periods than that!

Time to get ready for work.....thanks for stopping by!

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