Wednesday, December 12, 2018

As the World Turns.....

4:22 am - Wednesday - December 12th - Campbellsville, KY - 32º F, 74% humidity, wind 7 mph out of the south.....clear today with a forecast high of 50º F.

And the world turned once again Tuesday.  But, before I get to that let me start at the beginning.  We slept in until about 7 am and it was still just 17º F outside.....brrrrrr!  We knew the high would be in the mid 40's so we put off our lone outside activity until the temperature reached at least the 30's.  What was our one lone outside activity?  That's easy....we needed to dry out the artificial turf and get it into the trailer before the rain comes again this weekend.  We knew Tuesday would be a dry, totally sunny day so if we were going to get the turf dry it would be then.

About 10 am TLE and I drug the turf into the vacant site adjacent to our passenger side where the sun was hitting the ground.  We left the 'grass' side up for about 3 hours and then turned it over to get the underside dry.  All during this time I was working inside the trailer to get it organized for the insertion of the turf, and eventually the VW next Wednesday, our departure day.  It is always slow going organizing the trailer at first.  There are a lot of small things which must be accomplished before the big stuff can be moved, but it is a very familiar process to me after almost 7 years, and I know within a few hours it will be ready.  I used to get full of anxiety whenever it was trailer organizing time, because there were so many things to do, but now I know the process and exactly how long it will take and just plow through it without a thought.  It's also a time that I sometimes will decide to discard something I have not been using, or has outlived its usefulness, and there was a small plastic grocery bag full of such items which I hauled to the dumpster for disposal, as well as an armful of used Amazon boxes representing the things we have ordered from Amazon since we arrived in Campbellsville.

Later in the day TLE made a grocery run while I continued working in the trailer.  By the time she returned it was just about time to move the artificial turf into the trailer.  Finally about 4 pm we did just that.  Now just the unhooking of our utilities remains for next Wednesday.

Now, what changed regarding our Amazon stint on Tuesday?  Well, about 11:30 am both TLE and I received via text message a VET opportunity (Voluntary Extra Time) for Wednesday.  We had discussed this 'what if' scenario Monday evening, and decided if a VET offer was forthcoming for Wednesday we would accept it, and thereby get our 50 hour week with 10 hours of overtime. We were disappointed that our MET for Tuesday had been cancelled, so this worked out well....we got one day off, we'll work Wednesday and still have Thursday off work before we begin our last 4 days of work at Amazon.  So, there are now 5 days of work left, not 4.

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