Sunday, December 16, 2018

Five (I was wrong yesterday....yesterday was Six)

4:17 am - Sunday - December 16th - Campbellsville, KY - 46º F, 94% humidity, wind 8 mph out of the west by northwest......cloudy today with a forecast high of 52º F.  

Things are winding down here at Peak Season 2018.  People you pass in the long picking aisles of the concrete bunker are talking about where they will be in a few days, or a week.  The end of our sojourn in Campbellsville, KY is in sight....the days of being able to sleep past 4 am are in sight.....the days of sitting on warm beaches south of our current location are in sight.

Saturday I continued toiling in Building 'C' mostly in Pick Mod 'E'....I only spent about 15 minutes in Pick Mod 'F', but picked extensively on all four floors of 'E', and I ended my day on P-2-E as the chimes announcing the end of Saturday's picking session sounded.  In between there was time spent with friends at breaks and lunch, and much laughter.  I will truly miss our good friend Fred and his wonderful sense of humor.  He has a knack for making unexpected comments about sometimes serious subjects that leave you convulsing in laughter.  We will also miss Don and Di (Diantha) and their hilarious stories about their two Whippets (dogs.....kind of a smaller version of a greyhound).  Di is the true expert picker in the group....she managed 1,100 picks Saturday far eclipsing our meager, by comparison, numbers.

When we exited the concrete bunker shortly after 5 pm it had just stopped raining, and it must have rained hard as there were small lakes of water everywhere to avoid.  It is the last rain (fingers crossed) we should have before our departure on Wednesday, so everything, including the gravel at Heartland, should be dry.  The temps over the next few days will be in the 50's with overnight lows mostly in the 40's, so it is also warming a little.

I fell asleep in my recliner about 7 pm and slept for about an hour which messed up my sleep last night.  Oh well, only a few days left and then it won't matter anymore!  By the way, the number in the title of each days blog the past days is the number of days left before we roll our wheels counting from the day I am writing about that day.  For instance, today's title is Five, or 5 days including Saturday until we roll our wheels.  The calendar I post each day shows how many days from today, which is four....confusing, right?

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