Sunday, December 23, 2018

"Long as I remember, the rain been comin' down....."

7:13 am - Sunday - December 23rd - Nashville, TN - 43º F, 85% humidity (must be's raining!?), wind 5 mph out of the southeast.......heavy cloud cover with rain (again) with a forecast high for today of 45º F.....

CCR* - Who'll Stop the Rain?

......the opening lyrics of this well known CCR* song have been running through my mind for some time now.  It seems it has been raining since we got to Campbellsville, and that trend has continued here in Nashville.  As I write to you this dreary, drippy, rain drenched Sunday morning about Saturday's comings and goings the rain is still comin' down.  So, I know what some of you are thinking, and you would be right......I do know this CCR song was really a protest song against the Vietnam war, but you know by now how my mind works, so give me a little poetic slack here, okay?

Saturday was a wonderfully sunny day, and if you consider 53º F warm, then it was also a warmish day.  After days, and weeks of temps in the 30's and 40's and lots of rain, some sleet, and some snow a sunny, cloudless day is a wonderful treasure not to be frittered away, so we determined to drive back up I-65 about 1 hour to the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  I have a particular fascination with the first generation Corvettes (1953-1962), and particularly the first 4, or 5 years of that generation.  The Corvette is currently in its 7th generation of evolution....

Here at last!

 Myron Scott is credited with coming up with the Corvette name....the Corvette's namesake is a British Battleship Corvette class ship

.....and there they are....the 1953, 1954 and 1955 Corvettes!  I love the styling on these early Corvettes, and if I had a choice I would own a white 1953 Corvette......

 The 'Mako Shark' Vette

1958 Corvette

 1959 Corvette

 2nd Generation Corvettes.....

 Corvette Stingray split window set up for racing

 1 millionth glad it was white!

....on February 12, 2014 a sinkhole developed beneath the museum causing 8 Corvettes to fall into the massive hole......

.....ultimately 5 of the Corvettes were damaged beyond repair, while 3 were lightly damaged and restored over several years......

 The sinkhole can be seen down this 30' pipe

....all 8 Corvettes which fell into the chasm are on display for public viewing....took a short video of the display.....

 Love this 'Lemans Blue' color

 The rarest color used on a Corvette in all 7 generations....this is one of only 723 Corvettes painted with this Silver Green in 1982....there were over 25,000 Corvettes manufactured that year, and it was the only year that color was offered.  Thought it was one of the most beautiful paint colors I saw Saturday.

 1989 Corvette ZR-1 hold the 24 hour average speed record....175.885 mph

....we finished our tour by taking turns sitting in a 2017 C7 Grand Sport Corvette on display for just this purpose......

 7th Generation 2017 C7 Grand Sport Corvette that one may sit in if one so wishes, but please do not slam the door (as the sign says)

 It's okay to dream a little, right?

......of course, after any great sightseeing excursion good food and brews must be in the offing.  Prior to our drive up to Bowling Green TLE had scouted out, on Yelp, some micro breweries to checkout on our way back to Nashville.  She settled on a place called 'White Squirrel Brewing' which Yelp gives a solid 4.5 stars on 230 reviews.  We arrived there around 3:45 pm and were quickly seated.  TLE ordered a pint of their Scotch Brown Ale, and I a pint of their Nut Brown Ale.  Both were worthy of a 5 star rating.  For entrees I ordered one of their Specials.....Black and Bleu Bacon Burger, and TLE their Fish & Chips.  Once again both worthy of a 5 star rating.  The Black and Bleu was one of the best burgers I have ever eaten.....seriously!

Great brews and entrees....a perfect end to a wonderful day

Since we left Amazon I have pretty much been eschewing the wearing of shoes.....regardless of the weather, or temperature I have been wearing shorts and flip flops when we go out.  My feet are quite grateful for their new found freedom.  Saturday was the longest I have spent on my feet since my last work day at Amazon, and the 90+ minutes we spent walking around the Corvette Museum began to draw protests from them towards the end.

We were home a little after 5:30 pm from our sightseeing travels.  I have wanted to visit the National Corvette Museum for years, so Saturday was another item checked off the proverbial bucket list.  The experience was everything for which I could have hoped, and it was definitely worth the $8 (senior price) per person admission fee.

Thanks for stopping by!

*CCR = Creedence Clearwater Revival

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  1. That had to be a cool museum! Never owned a corvette but had several friends who do.


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