Friday, December 7, 2018

Is it Ten, or Eleven?

4:17 am - Friday - December 7th - Campbellsville, KY - 36º F, 85% humidity, wind 6 mph out of the north.....cloudy today with a forecast high of 39º F.

Thursday was another wonderful day away from the concrete bunker.  It was actually sunny for most of the day even though the temperature only managed to briefly nudge the 45º mark.  Just being able to go outside and be warmed by the sun as I performed the weekly ritual of black tank purification was much appreciated.  There was no rush to get in out of the bitter cold for a change.

Around 1:45 pm TLE headed into Campbellsville for her semi monthly massage at 'Green Room Salon and Day Spa' whilst I remained behind to take a nap.  Napping often during my days off work is something I look forward to for the four days I walk up and down endless aisles searching for my next 'pick'.  I don't take naps during the work week as there are only 3 hours from the time we get home from work until we go to bed, and taking a nap then seems redundant.

While TLE was gone I walked over to the campground office to pick up two packages which had arrived the day prior.....our new 2019 mini calendar (7" x 7" - we don't have the wall space for a full size calendar), and a new Sirius/XM Radio receiver.  We have three of them (Newell, VW and Trailer) and the one in the trailer was about 7 years old and failing quickly.  I like to have music when I'm working in the trailer, so a working Sirius/XM receiver is a must.  I had to call Customer Care to activate the new receiver, and to cancel the subscription on the old one, but that took just a few minutes and I was back in business.  The new receiver did not cost me anything but shipping ($10.21).  The receivers typically cost about $69, but I just wait until I get an email from them offering one for free before I order each time.  Now all three receivers are updated to current technology....they seem to get smaller with time.

TLE was home a little after 3 pm looking and feeling refreshed after her 55 minute massage for $55.  She had stopped by the store to pick up a couple of things, but after they were put away we returned to watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel (312 on DirecTV).  What a nice way to spend a cold afternoon!

We were in bed at our usual 8 pm looking forward to our next to last week of work at Amazon.  I wrote the other day that we had 15 days left, but I was incorrect.  We had 17 days left at that time, and just 10 now.  I always forget that each Friday and Saturday we are finishing the pay period we began the prior Sunday and Monday (Tuesday if we have MET).  The pay periods run from Sunday to Saturday.  So this Friday and Saturday will complete our current pay period thereby leaving just 8 more work days (with no MET) until we are released.....that's if we are released Saturday, December 22nd, as we suspect.  Currently the published release date is December 23rd, but that begins a new pay period, so we think they will make it the 22nd.  Either way our time is short here in the land of schizophrenic!

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