Saturday, August 31, 2019

48 years of love, children and commitment.........

7:40 am - Saturday - August 31st - Ramona, CA - 61° F, 81% humidity, wind - CALM.....clear, blue skies today with a forecast high of 97° F.  So, we have arrived at the last day of August, 2019, and when we go back to work on Monday it will be September, and just 20 days until the official beginning of Fall.

After 11 days of work the electricians finished with the remodel of sites 43-51.  All of the old pedestals and plumbing were removed and replaced with all new, including new poured concrete bases......

....the old stuff was over 30 years old, and we had a lot of issues with reliability in that section, but now it is all new and there should be no more problems.  All that remains is for us to install new water spigots, new sewer caps, re-level the sites, and spread new gravel before they can once again be occupied.

Since we arrived 4 months ago it has been the goal of the park owner to get rid of the old 'park model' in the storage area.  One of our employees said she would have it moved, and the owner said she if she did, she could have it for free.  You will recall that I wrote about this back in early May.  Well, Thursday morning moving day finally arrived.  You will note in the picture I took in May (below) that there is no tongue, or axles on the park model.  The tongue, which was detached when it was moved into the storage area years ago, was still there, but had to be reattached.  The axles had to be purchased from a local dismantler, and installed......

.....early this month the used axles were delivered, and installed, however, one of them was locked up and would not allow the wheels to turn, so it had to be repaired.  Well, it was finally repaired a few days ago, and a mover was hired.  He arrived about 11 am, and thus began the long awaited move......

 Getting ready to move the 'park model'

.....I took a short video of this momentous occasion for your viewing pleasure.....

.....and now the cleanup of the space can commence, after which we will have an additional four, our five spaces to rent out for RV storage!

Gone, at last

Of course, the rest of my day was taken with the usual pool cleaning tasks, mini golf leaf abatement, and horseshoe pit maintenance.  By the time I clocked out from work at 2 pm it was very hot, and I was happy to escape to the A/C cooled interior of the Newell.

Thursday was also the end of the first 48 hours after my MOHS surgery on my right ear, and I was able to have TLE change the dressing for the first time.  It is still extremely sore, but not as bad as it would have been if it were not for the fact that about 1/2 of my right ear is still numb following the parotid cyst removal (right cheek) back in February.  Most of the numb area is were the basil cell carcinoma was. 

Thursday, August 29th, was also the 48th acknowledgement of our wedding day back in 1971.  Normally we head out for dinner at a fine dinning establishment on our anniversary, but I was still getting over the effects of the ear surgery, so we put it off until Friday evening.  Nevertheless, TLE pulled out a wonderful filet mignon for me to grill on the Sea-B-Que.  I grilled it for about 8 minutes, and pronounced it a perfect medium rare.  We actually set up our dining table, and had a real, formal, adult sit down dinner.  That we have been together 48 years is a number which is hard for me to comprehend.  It does not seem that long, but the chronology is undeniable......we have a soon to be 47 year old son as mute testimony to the beginning of that union so many years ago.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! That is a wonderful accomplishment!! Cheers!

  2. Happy Anniversary to an awesome couple!

  3. Happy Anniversary! We enjoy your Blog! Doug and Michelle


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