Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Home again, home again....jiggity jig.....

6:14 am - Tuesday - August 27th - Ramona, CA - 63° F, 65% humidity, wind - CALM.....still dark...what a change from a month ago.  I'm a little behind, so this post will relate Sunday's events to you, and the one following will be about Monday.  We leave in about an hour for my MOHS surgery on my right ear down in Poway.

We slept in Sunday until after 7 am.  With Tim and Laila's new, vinyl, dual glazed, sound proof windows you cannot hear any sound from outside the house.  It is soooo quiet!  I typed my daily blog post using my ZAGG blue tooth keyboard......

I just open it up, turn on my phone blue tooth, and then sit the phone on the little ledge on the back of the keyboard and type.  This keyboard allows me to travel light, and leave my laptop at home.

After finishing my blog post Laila served up this wonderful bagel, locks and capers breakfast.....

.....even though we knew we would be leaving that morning to drive home, it was the furthest thought from our minds.  We just sat and talked, as we always do, about everything under the sun as if we were going to be there all day.

I needed to pick up a prescription at the COSTCO in San Marcos on the way home so we did need to get going eventually, and that was about 10:45 am as it happened.  We had a lovely time seeing all of our kids, and being able to spend so much time with Crosby, Laila and Tim.  They are wonderful hosts.

We arrived at the COSTCO in San Marcos a little after 12 pm (very light Sunday traffic!) to find that the pharmacy is CLOSED on Sundays.....wait, what?  I guess we have never been there on Sunday to pick up a prescription.....doh!  Oh well, we'll be back down the hill on Tuesday for my MOHS surgery....we'll get the prescription then.

We did pick up a few things at COSTCO, and were still able to get home a little after 1 pm....nothing like very light traffic to speed your drive home.  I began watching a mini series on Amazon Prime TV Saturday night, and had watched the first 3 of 7 episodes of 'The Widow', an Amazon Prime Original.  It was very well done, with many twists and turns.  I would highly recommend it.  At any rate, we watched the final 4 episodes Sunday afternoon, evening and were in bed by 9 pm for it is back to work on Monday!

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