Wednesday, August 21, 2019

'Two lovers......'

7:33 am - Wednesday - August 21st - Ramona, CA - 54° F, 80% humidity, wind - CALM.....clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 95° F.

Unlike my experience with my biopsy sites oozing for a few days I have had no oozing from the stitches along my 3" long incision, just pain, and even that has diminished quickly.  I went outside briefly Tuesday morning, but spent most the day relaxing in my recliner.  A nurse from my dermatologist's office called early afternoon to advise they had received the lab results from the excision.  You know when the nurse calls it is good news, because the doctor always calls with bad news.  They checked all the margins around, and under the melanoma and found no cancer anywhere, so it was contained to the upper layer of skin as the prior biopsy had indicated.  Well, that makes it all worthwhile, right?

In other RORVR news the electricians have returned and are replacing all the pedestals, and wiring in sites 43-51, which welcome news.  Once those sites are finished the monthly resident next to me (#72) can move back to his site in that row, and then I can move out of my site to get my 60 gallon propane tank refilled, and then into one of those repaired sites temporarily so my site (#71) and the one next to me (#72) can be re-leveled.  Once that is done we can move back into our site for the duration of our stay, and enjoy a more 'level' experience.  You may recall that we leveled site #70 about 5, or 6 weeks ago.  I am down to under 15 gallons of propane so I need to get that taken care of in the next few weeks, or we will have no hot water.

We continue to get temps in the mid to low 50's at night in spite of the daytime temps being in the high 80's to low 90's.  In about 10 days we will enter the final long weekend of the summer....Labor Day weekend, and the season will be over.  It get busy on the weekends, but nothing like the other RV parks at which we have worked the last few years.

That's pretty much it for me about Tuesday.  A couple more days of R&R and I'll be back to work......I'll leave you with this great Mary Wells song.....Two Lovers.....

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