Tuesday, August 13, 2019


3:05 pm - Tuesday - August 13th - Ramona, CA - 93° F, 32% humidity, wind 10 mph out of the west....clear, blue skies.  I'm playing 'catch up' on my blog posts....first up is Sunday.

I love being off work on Sunday!  We've taken to shopping early in the morning on our off days, but it just seemed appropriate that we make a stop at Starbucks on our way to Stater Brothers to get some coffee, and for me an 'everything' bagel.  This Starbucks does big business, and the drive through lane is never empty.

Next stop was Stater Brothers for our weekly grocery shopping foray.  Shopping early is so much faster than in the afternoon when there are many more people in the store, and the checkout lines are discouragingly long.  Beginning to end we can do a complete weekly shopping before 9 am in about 30 minutes.  Later in the day it takes close to an hour beginning to end, the end being when you walk out of the store with your purchases.

Once we were home we settled in outside watching a couple of English Premier soccer matches, and once they were done, reading.  Around 6 pm I grilled a couple of salmon steaks.  I grilled them skin down for about 9 minutes and they came out perfectly!

....TLE added some sliced tomatoes, and grilled summer squash.....OMG!  TLE added some chilled Savignon Blanc vino to chase the great food, which only led to more oohs and aahs.

By the end of the evening we were rested, and ready to head back to work Monday morning....thanks for stopping by!

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