Thursday, August 22, 2019

Day 3 of recovery

7:56 am - Thursday - August 22nd - Ramona, CA - 59° F, 93% humidity, wind 6 mph out of the west.....clear, blue, sunny skies today with a forecast high of 91° F.

Third day  of recovery.......the same as the first two.....lots of sitting of my favorite activities....NOT!  But what are you going to do, right?  It is what it is, and sitting around is the prescription for healing quickly.  Intellectually I realize there is no way with this 3 inch incision on my side that I could do any of the work things I normally do without a lot of pain, and possibly pulling too hard on the stitches.  Even though I understand why I must be sit around, I still feel kind of useless......kind of like a slacker.  At any rate I've just one more day of prescribed rest after Wednesday and I should then be able to return to work on Friday for one day, then I'll have two more days off work before Monday, and the beginning of the Labor Day week.....the last major holiday of the summer season.

The wound is actually healing very nicely, and I think less and less about it with each passing hour.  Thank goodness I have always been a quick healer.  TLE changes my dressing once each day and says it looks good.  I can see it, but it's a tough angle for me to get a really good view.  I'm down to a much smaller bandage than the first day, but as you can imagine, it can only get so small with a 3 inch incision to cover.

On the Newell front.....having to sit around all day, mostly inside the Newell, I have really come to appreciate how well insulated this coach is.  When we get up in the morning we close all the windows and leave the Fantastic Fan vent fan on low.  It remains very comfortable until after 2 pm every day, which is when I usually turn on the rear A/C.  I'm sure if we had dual glazed windows it would be even better.  It only gets really hot around 4:30 pm when the sun is shinning directly into the front windows, but that only lasts for about an hour and then the is behind the trees across the street.

In just a few days we will have been here 4 months (August 25th).  The good news is it feels like much less time.....there is no bad's all good.  Sorry for such brief posts the last few days, but when you sit around all day there is not much about which to write, right?

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