Friday, August 2, 2019

A change is gonna come......

8:22 pm - Thursday - August 1st - Ramona, CA - 74° F, 64% humidity, wind 6 mph out of the northwest......dark, cool....the high today was 93° F.

And it is now August.....where did April, May, June, and July go?  So ironic that when I flipped my wall calendar over to August there is a picture of 'Thunder Hole' in Acadia National Park.....we were there last August......

.....we also quit our summer job at Smuggler's Den on August 6th, so August holds a lot of memories, and also a lot of  important dates in our life.  Our daughter, Kate, was born on August 5th, we were married on August 29th (48th anniversary this year), and our oldest son, Chris, was born August 31, as well as our oldest grandson, Christopher.  Our oldest grand daughter, Cynthia, has a son, Jameson, who has a birthday later this month....WOW!  A lot going on in August!

I had to get up at 5 am this morning to run over to the pool to restart the two pumps, and turn off the water.  When we went to close Wednesday evening the water level had dropped so low the pumps lost their prime, so I turned them off, and turned on the water.  I knew it would take 9, or 10 hours to bring the water level back up in this large pool, so I determined to get there a little after 5 am to do what I just told you I did.  The pumps re-primed as I knew they would, and the water level was almost perfect.  It needed a couple more hours, so I decided to turn the water back when I went to do my morning pool work.  By 9 am the water level was perfect!

Since I didn't have to vacuum, or sweep the pool Thursday I spent time sweeping out the pump room, which probably hasn't been cleaned in years judging by how large the pile of dust and dirt was when I finished.  I did my pool tests (everything was perfect), did some minor sweeping around the pool deck, and then headed out to open up the storage yard, and Red Barn before heading down to the office at 9 am.  While I was waiting for the rest of the employees I took time to repair the charge cord on the housekeeping cart.  Apparently one of the guys was driving it on Caroline's day off work, and did not secure the cord well enough.  At some point they ran over the cord, and tore it in half.  It was just a matter of reconnecting the ends with crimped connectors, and then using electrical tape to wrap it up to make it safe to handle.

I spent the rest of the day doing my usual thing.....blow the leaves off the mini golf course, look for missing golf balls, rake and sweep the horseshoe pits, and so forth.  I installed a couple of replacement (new) paper towel in one of the pool bathrooms, and the other in the ladies side of restroom #1.  I trimmed some ice plant around the office, and then my day was over.  I'll take care of the rest on Friday.

I picked TLE up from work at 5 pm as I always do on Thursdays, and then our day was complete.  I'll leave you with the memorable Sam Cooke song......'A change is gonna come....' released December 22, 1964 just after his untimely death......

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