Sunday, August 18, 2019

'A Sunday kind of love.....'

7:26 am - Sunday - August 18th - Ramona, CA - 59° F, 87% humidity, wind - CALM....clear, blue skies today with a forecast high of 86° F....suweet!

I really dislike having to get up at 6 am when I do not have to go to work.  I dislike it, but I did anyway on Saturday.  TLE and I have birthdays about 3 weeks apart.  In California you must renew your license every few years by your birthday.  In our case we last renewed them in South Lake Tahoe almost 5 years ago.  We both got notices from the California DMV within about 3 weeks of each other advising we would have to visit a local DMV to renew our licenses, take an eye test, and a written test.  We had to do this 5 years ago after decades of getting automatic renewals every few years.  When you get to a certain age there are no more automatic renewals regardless of how good your driving record (neither of us has any accidents, or tickets in the last 9 years).

We attempted to get 'reservations' online about 2 weeks ago, but the only ones available in the entire area were at 3:30 pm on August 29th in Escondido for me, and at 2 pm for TLE in San Marcos on the same date.  Well, if you have ever been to a California DMV in a big urban area you know by 2 pm in the afternoon they will be way, way behind, forget about my 3:30 pm appointment.  Getting a reservation at most California DMV's only gets you in the front door more quickly to the next long line.  TLE found that the Poway DMV is open on Saturdays from 8 am to 5 pm, so we figured we would just drive down there at 7 am, and get in line, so that is why I was up at 6 am Saturday.

We arrived at the Poway DMV by 7:35 am and found the line only 75' 8 am when they opened the doors it was 200' long!  They had employees outside before 8 am getting those in line checked in, and assigned a number.  Our numbers were G-26 and G-27, so that meant there were only 25 people in front of us renewing their licenses......

 Already up to G-13 and it's only 8:30 am!

......we sat patiently talking about this and that, totally unconcerned with how long it might take, and why should we be?  We had no where else to be.  Before we knew it TLE's number (G-26) was being called, and it was only 8:45 am.  My number was called about 5 minutes later and we were off to the races.....

......I passed my eye test, filled out some paperwork about why I no longer had to wear glasses for distance vision (cataract surgery), then was sent to get my 5 year picture taken, and take the test.  Both TLE and I had been taking the online practice tests on the DMV site, and were ready.  There are about 25 questions, and I think I missed 2, so I passed.  TLE missed a couple, also, but in the end we had our temporary drivers licenses with the permanent ones to arrive within 4 weeks.  We chose not to get the Californa 'Real ID', which will be required after October 1, 2020 to board domestic airline flights as we forgot to bring our birth certificates.  Doesn't really matter, because we both have 10 year U.S. Passports, and they can be used, if the need should arise, to board an airplane

The Poway DMV is in the same parking lot as the Poway Super Walmart, so we drove across the parking lot and did a quick grocery shopping before heading back to RORVR.  We were home a little after 10 am....not too bad!

On our drive home TLE suggested we head to the Ramona Ranch Winery later in the afternoon (around 3 pm) to sip some of their great Savignon Blanc accompanied by some snacks.  We spent the time between our arrival home, and 3 pm outside watching two recorded English Premier Soccer matches.

At 3 pm sharp we were in the VW heading 1 mile down SR-78 to Ramona Ranch Winery.  We had the whole patio to ourselves.......nice.....

....we bought a bottle of their Savignon Blanc (chilled) and spent the next 90 minutes relaxing, and enjoying the great views... 4:30 pm we were on our way home again.  The temp only got up to 84° F Saturday, which made for a quite pleasant time sitting outside.

In closing I'll leave you with another great Etta James song dedicated to The Lovely Elaine.....'A Sunday kind of love'......none of what we do, and how we live would mean much without her in my life.......

A Sunday kind of love....

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