Friday, August 16, 2019


7:19 pm - Thursday - August 15th - Ramona, CA - 88° F, 27% humidity, wind 11 mph out of the west by is now sundown.  This post will be about Thursday.

The forecast high for Thursday was 99° F so I knew I would not work much past 1 pm, and I did not, but I get ahead of myself.  I was at the pool a little after 7 am doing my usual thing.  Since I had swept and vacuumed the pool Wednesday I spent time first sweeping up pine needles around the pool, then washing down the entire pool deck as I do at least twice per week.

The hand blower is still broken (we do have the new carburetor, but it needs to be installed) so I hand swept the mini golf greens once again.  It takes a lot longer, obviously, but in the end they really look great when I am done.

Rich took me up to the tractor barn to give me some lessons operating our 'cherry picker'.  I've never operated anything like that before, but after an hour, or so I got the hang of it.  We use the 'cherry picker' to trim trees in the park, of which there are hundreds (eucalyptus, oak, sycamore, pine......mostly oaks, however).  I really appreciate it that Rich wants us all to be able to operate all of the equipment we have here at supervisor last summer was not quite as generous.

I next replaced a few light bulbs in Cabin 65, and tried to help a 'gentleman' back his new 5th wheel into site #28, but he really didn't know what he was doing, and in spite of my assistance I was unable to get him into the site.  This was a first for me as I have been successful about 99% of the time getting people into sites, and this site is very large.  He was just way too impatient, had a very bad temper, and did a lot of yelling, none of which I deserved.  I finally handed him off to Rich, who owns a large 5th wheel, and agreed to back the 5th wheel in for the guy.  He had it in the site in less than 3 minutes beginning to end.  Needless to say it was rather humbling  for the the guy.  All that being said I was proud of myself for not losing my temper and becoming part of the problem.

This week is the last week for our two high school graduates.  Adrian is heading off to college, and Mike is heading off to Basic Training for the Navy.  To honor them we had a lunch paid for by the owners of the park......

Rich cutting up the BBQ'd ribs

.....we had a nice sit down lunch....Adrian is in the blue shirt on the left, and Mike is in the green shirt on the right....

Foreground: Marnie (left front), Caroline (right front), then Rich, Dave, Joe and Adrian on the right, then moi, Mike and Alika on the left....TLE took the pictures

.....Alika, the yellow shirt you can see in the first picture, leaned out of the picture so we got him in the second picture taken from the other end of the table.....he is the guy in the left rear of the picture sitting next to Mike.

We had a lovely lunch and then it was time for me to head for home early once again.  TLE was home by 4 pm.  I spent the afternoon reading, and then attempting to program a new DirecTV remote I had ordered.  Our current one is about 6 years old, and had begun acting up about a year ago.  I ordered a new one, and actually received it about a month ago, but I could not get it to operate the TV (we have a TCL).  I was determined Thursday to get it working, and finally found a link on Google to a website where it gave very clear directions, and within a few minutes I successfully programmed it!

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  1. I've never backed a 5th wheel, I wonder if it's the same as a trailer? Put your hand on the bottom of the steering wheel & move it in the direction you want to the trailer to go...

    1. 5th wheels are totally different animals Rob. It dudes not react as one who had backed bumper tow trailers might expect.


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