Sunday, August 4, 2019

'I wish it would rain....'

7:47 am - Sunday - August 4th - Ramona, CA - 64° F, 63% humidity, wind - CALM......clear blue skies with a forecast high today of 96° F.  It is great to sleep in Sunday morning!  No work today!  We have, also, worked our last Saturday.  We will work tomorrow, Monday, then will be off Tuesday for a previously scheduled doctor appointment, then work Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  We will only close the campground on Wednesday's and Thursday's now.

I was on the job by 7 am working on the pool.  By 7:10 am I had taken off my hooded sweatshirt, and by 7:20 am I was beginning to sweat.  That's how quickly it goes from cold to quite warm in early August of 2019.  Since there was to be no pool vacuuming, or sweeping Saturday I headed to the Red Barn to tend to the horseshoe pits, then down to the mini golf area to clean each hole.  Instead of blowing the leaves off the greens I swept each one with a broom, and I do not think they have been that clean in a long time.  In the past I have swept 2, or 3 of the worst ones, but really thought it was time to give them a deeper cleaning. 

I took lunch at 10:30 am, and was back on the job by 11 am for the final three hours of my 7 hour shift.  By 12:00 pm it was approaching the high for the day of 96° F.  There was no wind, or breeze, or anything to take the edge off the heat.  I had noticed there were a lot of new weeds making an appearance in the RV section where our Newell is domiciled, and there is quite a bit of shade there so I donned the backpack weed sprayer and spent about 90 minutes distributing weed killer.  To finish my shift I headed back to the office area to wash my cart, which I had neglected to do Friday during the final two hours of my split shift.

At last it was 2 pm, and I could retreat from the heat into the A/C cooled comfort of our Newell.  We don't run the A/C (99% of the time) when we are not home.  We have found if we leave all the windows closed and run the Fantastic fan on low that it stays pretty comfortable inside.  Once I arrive home and turn on the front A/C it is very pleasant within 10 minutes.  I'm usually taking a shower during that time, so by the time I emerge from the shower it is perfect.

I picked TLE from work around 4 pm.  She gets to sit inside the office during the day with the A/C running.  I get a little jealous of her from time to time when it is either very cold, or very hot.  She always seems to be where it is well heated, or well cooled while I am outside fighting the elements such as they may be.  Most of the time I prefer working outside with my hands, but there are times when I wish I was inside with her....Saturday was one of those days.....😉

With it being so hot lately my mind has turned often to the words of a certain song from my youth.....enjoy.....

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