Thursday, August 1, 2019

A weighty matter.......

8:24 pm - Wednesday - July 31st - Ramona, CA - 70° F, 68% humidity, wind 7 mph out of the west.....dark, cool....what could be better? The high was 90° F.

Wednesday was a big milestone for me.....I am now at 194 pounds....down 22 pounds since my heart attack.  I see that number on the scale, and intellectually I know it is real, but my heart just cannot believe I have been so successful at losing so much weight in such a short period of time.  I owe a big debt to TLE who has been strict about my diet, and so loving about the food she has been preparing for me.  Just 7 more pounds and I will be at my target weight......187 pounds.  The last time I weighed 187 pounds was about 4 years ago just after my double hernia surgery, and aside from recovering from that surgery it is about the best I have felt weight wise in years.  I still have the clothes I was able to wear then, and am looking so forward to wearing them again.

I spent about 3.5 hours cleaning the pool, and the deck area.  It's amazing how dirty things can get in just 3 days, but I enjoy taking care of the pool, and love how it looks after I'm done each day.  From there I headed up to the horseshoe pits to square them away, and then down to the mini golf course to clean them for the first time in 5 days.  They were terrible, but hopefully I will be able to take care of them each of the five days I work this week to keep them looking good for our customers

I took lunch at 11:30 am, and was back at work by noon doing an inventory on the golf clubs at the mini golf area.  Rich is going to order some new clubs as the current ones are in pretty bad shape.  He need to know the count of each color (there are four colors: pink, yellow, blue and purple), as well as the lengths of the shafts.  I then went and swept 6 of the 9 holes with a broom to remove the rest of the fine particulate matter.  

Rich had a couple more locks that he had re-keyed to install on the outside cabinet door near the Red Barn fire pit, which I installed, and then it was 2 pm, and quitting time me.  I spent the next 3 hours relaxing, and reading before picking up TLE at 5 pm.  After getting home I installed a new windshield wiper nozzle (the right one) as the bracket which affixes it to the hood was broken.  Of course, the 'Hockwald way' reared it's ugly head and a job which should have taken 5 minutes took an hour, but I can now say that the new one is securely installed.

And that was our day.....thank you so much for stopping by!

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