Wednesday, August 14, 2019


3:48 pm - Tuesday - August 13th - Ramona, CA - 93° F, 27% humidity, wind 11 mph out of the west by northwest.....still clear, blue, hot skies.

Tuesday was slated to be warmer with a forecast high of 94° F, but it never felt that hot to me.  I guess I'm getting used to temps in the lower 90's.  I didn't have to vacuum, or sweep the pool, so I was done with it about 8:20 am.  I opened the Red Barn, and raked the horseshoe pits, before heading down to the mini golf area to sweep all 9 holes.  Why 'sweep', and not 'blow' the leaves off the holes?  Well, the hand held blower broke Monday afternoon when I was using it, and I didn't want to shoulder the heavy backpack blower.  At any rate, the holes need to be hand swept at least once a week to get them completely clean of debris, so Tuesday was the day to do it.

After that Rich asked me to install the new rubber quoted yellow chain at the entrance to the fire road near the Red Barn.  The old chain was just galvanized chain, and not very visible.  In addition he had me install two signs advising this road was off limits to vehicle traffic (upper left of picture, and in the middle of the yellow chain)......

.....I finished that project right at 11:30 and immediately left for my 30 minute lunch.  I really prefer a longer lunch, but I prefer even more getting off ½ hour earlier, so I adapt.  You get used to it, but it's not optimal.

After lunch I took care of a couple of small projects Rich assigned to me, and then retrieved the dreaded backpack blower to blow the oak leaves off the entrance, as well as the lower parking lot.  It hasn't been done for a while, so it was time.  I finished just after 1:30 pm.....30 minutes before the end of my work day.....time to put away my tools, spend a few minutes in the office cooling down in their A/C, and homeward bound.

Life continues to be good here in the mountain community of Ramona, CA.  We love our jobs, and we love the people with whom we work.  The summer is waning, and Fall is around the corner.

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