Saturday, August 24, 2019

'Back in the saddle again.....'

7:17 am - Saturday - August 24th - Ontario, CA - 67 degrees, 79% humidity wind - CALM.....clear, blue skies today with a forecast high of 94 degrees.

Made me feel good to be back at the pool Friday morning.  As I prepared to sweep the pool for the first time in a week I wondered how my wound would tolerate all of that arm action, but there was nothing about which to be felt fine as long as I took my time.  By 9 am the pool was finished......while I was cleaning the skimmers I found a LIVE tarantula......

......kind of creepy, but very cool at the same time!

When I was done with the pool I went up to open the Red Barn, and attended to the horseshoe pits, then down to the mini golf to blow a week's worth of eucalyptus leaves off the holes. 

After that Rich sent me up to Cabin 98 to fix the bannister railing on the upper bunk bed.  It had never been secured, so I cut a piece of 2" X 2" wood to attach the bannister to the frame of the bed at the far end...... some point I will get it stained so it matches the rest of the wood....I love doing stuff like this!

I was off work by 12 pm, went home to shower and pack for our weekend trip up to Ontario, CA to attend the birthday party of our great grandson, Jameson Saturday afternoon.  This time we planned to stay with Tim, his wife Laila and their 7 month old son, Crosby.  TLE was home a little after 1:30 pm, and we were on the road north by 2 pm.

Friday afternoon traffic in SoCal is universally terrible and this Friday was no exception.  It took us 2.5 hours to reach our son's home.  Getting to spend time with our newest grandchild, Crosby, has been something to which I have been looking forward for several weeks.....

.....he has so much energy!

Crosby time

......he is growing so fast!  Tim works for Warmington Homes, a large California developer, as a construction superintendent, and is working out in Van Nuys on a 63 home development, so he gets home on Fridays between 5:30 pm and 6's a long drive through some of the worst traffic SoCal has to offer.

Whenever we visit Tim and Laila it always feels like home to me.  They have a wonderful guest bedroom, a wonderful backyard, and we always feel like we are at a resort.

........we sat by the outdoor firepit after a delicious tri-tip dinner talking until after 8:30 pm before heading in for the evening.  With a young baby Tim and Laila go to bed early, just as we did many years ago.

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