Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Oogum boogum......

7:42 am - Tuesday - August 6th - Ramona, CA - 66° F, 81% humidity (raining right now), wind 3 mph out of the northeast.....cloudy today with a forecast high of only 91° F....down from 97° yesterday!

Our middle daughter, Katharine (we call her Katie), turned 38 years old Monday.....

Katharine Johanna Ruth 

.....she cannot be 38 years old!  I was just 38 years old a few years ago.  I am so proud to call her my daughter!

In other Monday doings it was hot!  I was out early as I have been since it got into the 90's doing the pool routine.  After taking care of the pool, horseshoe pits, and mini golf area I picked up a few tools and headed up to the pool area to dismantle an old fence that has fallen into disrepair, and to replace it with a split rail fence.  I began taking the old fence down around 10:45 am, and finished hauling away the debris just before 2 pm, and just before the highest temp of the day.  

It appears we have a break in the weather coming sooner than I thought as temps will drop into the low 90's beginning Tuesday, and high 80's for the next week.  I'll still be going to work early, but it will be way more pleasant.

We had a nice evening relaxing, and looking forward to another day off Tuesday....I've got a doctor's appointment down in Poway then.  We'll be back to work Wednesday through Friday, and then have our first weekend off work in a long time.  From that point we will be on our new work schedule.

I'll leave you with another of my favorite songs......'The Oogum Boogum song'.......

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