Saturday, August 3, 2019

'Cry to me.....'

3:28 pm - Saturday - August 3rd - Ramona, CA - 94° F, 28% humidity, wind 13 mph out of the west....partly cloudy, and hot today with a forecast high of 96° F.

Friday is split shift day, but this Friday is the last split shift Friday for us.  In fact beginning Sunday our new days off work will be Saturday and Sunday!  Yay!  We have been wanting to be able to visit our kids on the weekends sometimes, and now we will be able to attend birthday parties, baby showers, engagement parties, or whatever the occasion may turn out to be.    Our new employees, David and Jo arrived this week, and they prefer to be off Mondays and Tuesdays....perfect!

 The now clean pump room floor I wrote about recently
 The big black containers are called 'carboys',
and hold a lot of chlorine

So, as is my custom on Fridays I vacuumed and swept the pool, and washed down the large concrete deck.  I was done just before 9 am, and headed for the office for our 9 am meeting.  Rich had received a package of new springs for our spike strip which guards the exit to our park.  When we arrived about 6, or 7 of them still worked, but by this week only two of the spikes were present, so as a deterrent to wrong drivers is was not very effective.  Rich and David spent part of the day pulling it out of the ground, and installing the new springs.  Plus they pulled about 12 gallons of dirt out of the area under the spike strip...... now, other than the one spike on the far right which broke years ago, all the other spikes are now at attention, and we now have a security entrance once again.

I was finished with my morning tasks by Noon, and headed for home for my 5 hour break.  I finished another book, took a nap, and ate an early dinner before returning for my final two hours (5-7 pm).

TLE and I headed for the 'barn' at 7 pm.  I set up the outdoor TV to watch a couple of recorded programs, and at 9:30 pm we made our rounds closing down the park facilities.  The other change in our schedule is now we will only be closing the park down 2 nights per week instead of 4 as we have been doing for weeks now.  It's great to have new employees to share the closing duties!

I'll leave you with another R&B song entitled 'Cry to me....' this song!

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