Saturday, August 17, 2019

'You'll lose a good thing....'

1:01 pm - Friday - August 16th - Ramona, CA - 86° F, 37% humidity, wind 13 mph out of the northwest....clear, blue skies with a forecast high today of 93° F.

Ahhh, Friday!  Only 5 hours of work Friday.....ahhh!  After two days of temps close to 100° F, the temp dropped down to 93° F Friday.  Anytime it is under 95° F it is way more comfortable.....just 5, or 6 degrees cooler makes all the difference.

Friday it is time to vacuum and sweep the pool, and that is what I was about at 7 am once again.  I was finished just before 9 am and headed down to the office for our 9 am morning meeting after which I headed back up the hill to the Red Barn to rake the horseshoe pits.  I noticed that the Red Barn parking lot was covered with pine needles and in great need of being cleaned so I retrieved the backpack blower and spent an hour blowing the pine needles, dirt and dust off the parking lot.  From there I headed down to the mini golf holes and dispatched another few pounds of eucalyptus leaves before heading back down to the office.  

TLE asked me to check the porch light on Cabin #65 as our customer had reported it not working.  As it turned out the bulb was burnt out, so I replaced it, and that brought me right up to quitting time....I love Friday's.

I was home a little after 12 pm taking a shower, and then read a book for a couple of hours until TLE came home from her short shift.  We spent the rest of the afternoon reading, the watching a recording of the series finale of 'Elementary'.  They wrapped up the 7 year series very nicely, and I even shed a couple of tears along the way.

For dinner TLE made up some bleu cheese hamburger paddies for me to grill.  We ate them alfresco whilst listening to the Sam Cooke channel on 6 pm the air had cooled off nicely......

.....I'll leave you with a great song by Barbara Lynn called "You'll lose a good thing...."

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