Saturday, August 10, 2019

Good night sweetheart.......

7:43 am - Saturday - August 10th - Ramona, CA - 51° F, 80% humidity, wind - CALM.....clear, blue skies this morning with a forecast high of 88° F.  The view this morning.......

Finally, Thursday evening, the biopsy site on my side quit oozing, and I was able to return to work Friday morning after a two day hiatus.  Even though it was only slated to be around 87° F Friday I went to work at 7 am.  Once you get used to getting off work two hours earlier than everyone else it kind of becomes mildly addictive.  Some of my co-workers (Adrian, Alika and Mike), are taking my lead and have begun to show up for work between 7 and 8 am every day to beat the heat, too.

When I first arrive at the pool each morning I go into the pump room to be sure all is working as it should.  One of the things I check is the nozzle on the chlorine injection system.  This nozzle is screwed into the 3" diameter water re-circulation pipe.  Occasionally this nozzle becomes clogged with crystallized chlorine.  On this morning I found the tube feeding the nozzle full of backed up crystallized chlorine and no chlorine was making its way into the pool water.......

Clogged chlorine nozzle

.....this happens about once a month.  So, before I could proceed any further in my daily pool routine I had to take the whole thing apart and unclog it, which took about 30 minutes.  Once chlorine was flowing into the pool again I went about the rest of my pool duties.  When I finally checked the chlorine level in the pool water it read zero, so I had to pour 2 gallons of same into the pool to bring it back up to at least 3.0.  By the time I finished vacuuming the pool the chlorine read 3.0 once again.

Normally I would have swept and vacuumed the pool on Wednesday, but I was not at work, so all that had been done in the last few days was furniture straightening, and pool tests.  I knew it would take me a few hours to get everything ship shape again, and it did.  By the time I finished washing down the deck it was after 11 am, and I still needed to rake the horseshoe pits, and blow the leaves off the mini golf holes, which also had not been done since Monday, my last day at work.

Since we are no longer working the weekends, our short day is now Friday where we only work 5 hours.  By the time I finished with the horseshoe pits, and mini golf holes it was 11:45 am, and I was technically done for the day.  I returned my equipment to the tool shed, turned in my 2-way radio, and headed for home.  This will be the first time we have not worked on the weekend since we started work here on April 25th.  Pretty much every other seasonal job we have held we have worked on the weekend, so we are looking forward to not working on the busiest days of the week!

I didn't have to turn on the A/C until TLE got home at 2 pm, and then we only ran it for a few hours.  We are loving these temps in the high 80's right now, but it appears it will be getting back into the 90's again next week.  I'll leave you with one of my favorite doo wop songs of all time from the 50's by The Spaniels......Good night sweetheart.....

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