Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Stormy weather.....

9:11 pm - Tuesday - July 30th - Ramona, CA - 71° F, 66% humidity, wind 5 mph out of the west.  It is night time, and since I will be going to work at 7 am I am writing about Tuesday this evening.

Tuesday began slowly for the Hockwald clan.  We had intended to be up early, and taking a walk, but sometimes it is just nice to stay in bed enjoying the sounds of the early morning with your eyes closed.  I finally pried myself out of bed around 7:40 am.  After pouring myself a cup of coffee I set about typing my blog post about Monday.  By the time I had finished, and posted my blog post and read a few other blogs I follow it was closing in on 8:30 am.  I needed a haircut, and we needed to do our weekly shopping, so we dressed quickly and headed into Ramona.

While TLE began her shopping day at Stater Brothers I walked over to Supercuts which opened at 9 am.  I was their first customer, and as luck would have it my favorite barber, Lorena, was on duty.  About a month ago she gave me one of the best haircuts I have had since Southwest Harbor, and I was hoping she would be available Tuesday....perfect! Within 20 minutes she had worked her magic, and once again I was very pleased with the result.

I reached Stater Brothers just as TLE was finishing in the produce section.  We were home before 10 am, and and TLE put away our grocery purchases I set about dumping out black tank whilst shade still graced the driver's side of the coach.  I was finished with my weekly task by 10:30 am, and all  that remained was to relax and do some more reading.  I did wander up to the trailer for about 30 minutes to put away some things that had been stacking up in the door way.....things I had left previously to put away at some future time....that time was Tuesday.

I was back home, and inside the Newell enjoying the A/C by 11:30 am, and that is where I remained until around 4 pm when I headed outside to sit in my recliner to do some more reading.  The temp, which only got to 90° F at the highest was now down to 82° F, and it was quite comfortable outside.  TLE eventually joined me and we read until after 6 pm when I finally lit the Sea-B-Que to roast an artichoke, and some asparagus.  TLE had prepared two dips for us......a garlic aioli, and a wonderful hollandaise sauce.....

.....we sat dipping asparagus and artichokes for about 40 minutes, punctuated frequently with 'ooohs and awwws'.   By the time we finished the sun was setting, and we retired to our recliners to read into the early evening.  Another perfect off day from work.....I'll leave you with another great Etta James song.....Stormy weather........

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