Saturday, July 27, 2019

Sensory overload......

6:18 pm - Saturday - July 27th - Ramona, CA - 92° F, 33% humidity, wind 8 mph out of the west by northwest.......clear, blue, very hot skies....the high today was 98° F, and it is still over 90 at 6:18 pm.

Friday was a precursor to Saturday.  By that I mean it got hot, but was tame compared to what Saturday had in store for us, but I get ahead of myself.  Friday was a sweep and vacuum the pool kind of day.  I was sweating like a pig (do pigs really sweat?) before 8 am, and by 9 am my t-shirt was soaked.  I'm getting used to that as the temps continue to climb past the low 90's into the mid 90's and beyond.  

Friday was my split shift day so the first five hours of my split shift were over at 12 noon, and what a break that was because it was so hot from Noon to 5 pm when I went back on duty.  I spent the afternoon watching Stage 19 of Le Tour, and it was a memorable stage.  The riders had just begun to crest the second to last climb of Stage 19......Egan Bernal, the youngest rider in this year's Tour at 22 years, had reached the summit over 2 minutes ahead of the current wearer of the yellow jersey, and had taken over first place.  Of course they had a long descent at which Allaphillipe (the Frenchman who had the yellow jersey) was very good, and within a few minutes he was descending and making up the time, however, the stage was suddenly cancelled due to a serious hail storm at the bottom of the descent causing flooding, and large quantities of hail to cover the road.  It was too unsafe so they froze the times recorded at the top of the summit, and that was it for Allaphillipe.  It so unexpected, and dramatic at the same time.

The five hour interlude passed quickly and suddenly I was on my way back to the office to finish the final two hours of my split shift.  I helped Rich install a new sensor on the water tank which will enable us to check the water level over the internet, without having to drive up to the water tank several times per day......

.....above is a screen shot showing the tank is currently at 76% of total capacity, or about 2,500 gallons down leaving 7,500 gallons still in the tank.  When it gets to about 3,000 gallons down we turn on the pump, again remotely, to add water.....I love stuff like that!

By the time we were done I had about 45 minutes left in my shift, so I headed for the office to help with traffic control for the rest of my shift.  We were home a little after 7 pm, relaxing for a couple of hours until it was time to close down the park.  We're pretty full this weekend....I would say a little over 80% full, which is full for us, but this weekend's customers are pretty well behaved, and we didn't have to ask anyone to quiet down on our closing rounds.

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