Sunday, July 28, 2019

Hot, hot hot!

6:41 pm - Saturday - July 27th - Ramona, CA - still 92° F with the same humidity and wind speed.

I did my usual pool stuff to begin the day, but by 9:30 am I was operating the Kubota loader to which Rich had attached a 'bush hog' (a large mowing attachment) mowing down the weeds growing in the small valley below our overflow parking lot along the creek.  It hasn't been mowed since early May, and the weeds had grown tall once again.  There is no way you can mow down there and not get completely filthy in a matter of minutes.......

 Me after mowing for about 45 minutes the time I finished is was just after 10:30 am so I parked the loader, washed it down with water from a hose, and then headed for home to do the same for myself.  I do not remember being that dirty in a long, long time.  By the time I showered and dressed again it was 11 am, and I still had 30 minutes until lunch, so I did a little cleaning in the maintenance building, and then headed for lunch.

I spent about an hour of the two remaining hours of my 7 hour shift finishing the 'pedestal report' I had begun on Thursday.  By a little after 1 pm I was done, and I was 'fried' from the heat.  I spent the last 55 minutes in the maintenance building with the A/C running putting away some new inventory, and cleaning the bathroom.....yes, we have a bathroom in the maintenance building.  I don't think the toilet had been cleaned for a couple of years.....yuk!

I was off at 2 pm on the dot and heading for home and sweet, wonderful A/C.  I watched the last 40 minutes of Stage 20 of Le Tour in which Egan Bernal consolidated his lead, and is virtually guaranteed to win Le Tour de France on Sunday when they finish with a ride into downtown Paris as they do every single year.  Hard to believe it has been just over 3 weeks since Le Tour began.....what will I do in my afternoons after Le Tour has finished?

I drove back down at 4 pm to pick TLE up from the office and ferry her home in the stifling heat.  It got to 98° F Saturday, and it is still over 90 as I write.....thanks for stopping by!

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