Thursday, July 4, 2019

Early weekend preparations......

6:41 am - Thursday - July 4th (HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!!!) - Ramona, CA - 58° F, 84% humidity, wind - CALM......foggy this morning, clearing to sunny skies by 10 am with a forecast high of 82° F.....the view this morning.......↴

Woke up to fog this morning.....

Wednesday, as one might imagine, was really the beginning of the 4th of July weekend, and as one might also imagine, the park began to fill with early arrivals wanting to get a start on the long 4 day weekend.  Since the weekend is beginning early this week I needed to vacuum the pool to get a jump on the anticipated heavy use the next four days.  That took me up to 11:30 am.  I spent the next hour cleaning up the horseshoe pits from 2 days of my absence, and then headed down to the mini golf to blow off 2 days accumulation of those rascally eucalyptus leaves.  By the time I finished it was just about lunch time.  TLE does not take lunch with me on Wednesdays and Thursdays since we lost Linda, so she leaves a sandwich in the fridge for me.  I spent part my 30 minutes eating, reading, finishing with a short 15 minute nap, and then it was back to work.

We have about 20+ bollards in the park in strategically located places to protect equipment.  When we moved the propane dispensary we had to relocate the four bollards which stood guard around it.  When they were pulled out of the ground they got all scratched, and chipped, so it fell to me Wednesday to repaint them, and as long as I was at it, the other 16+ bollards to boot.....

.....while I failed to take a picture of my artistic endeavor, above is what bollards look like for the uninitiate.  I painted about 11 of the 20+ before deciding it was time to clean up my mess.  This Rustoleum traffic yellow paint is oil based, and requires mineral spirits to clean brushes, rollers, hands, etc.  Initially I thought it was water based paint, but discovered it was not.  I wasn't even sure we had any solvent in the maintenance building, so I didn't want to make too big of a mess before I answered that question.  Fortunately, we did have a small can of lacquer thinner (much stronger than mineral spirits), and I was able to clean everything up,  however we will need a big can of mineral spirits before I can finish the painting job.  After cleaning my hands, the paint brush and roller the lacquer thinner supply was exhausted.

By the time I finished cleaning, and putting away the painting stuff it was 3 pm, so I picked up the Stihl backpack blower and headed out to blow dirt, gravel and oak leaves off Oak Street from the security gate up to Maple Street.....

.....that took me right up to 4 pm, and quitting time.  Once again, due to Linda's departure TLE now works until 5 pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so I headed home sans TLE to take a shower, and cool down after another 7 hour work day.  I picked up TLE from the office at 5 pm, and we headed home to watch the semi final FIFA Women's World Cup match between Sweden and the Netherlands.  Neither team could muster any offense in the first 90 minutes of regulation play so they proceeded to two mandatory 15 minute overtime periods.  The Netherlands scored in the middle of the first overtime period, and hung on to win 1 to nil at the end of 120 minutes of total time, so the USA will face the Netherlands in the final on Sunday at 8 am Pacific Time.

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