Friday, July 26, 2019

Escape to Antartica?

 2:04 pm - Friday - July 26th - Ramona, CA - 96° F, 27% humidity, wind 8 mph out of the west by northwest......clear, blue, hot skies.....we have reached the forecast high for today of 96° F.  I am adapting quite nicely to mid 90's temperatures, and even though the heat takes it out of me, I do not feel like I need to escape to Antartica anymore.

Since I had vacuumed and swept the pool Wednesday I chose to wash down the entire pool deck Thursday, which I have not done since we arrived back in April.  I have used the Stihl blower to blow off the leaves, and dirt/dust, and have swept it using a hand broom, but had not yet utilized water to clean it.  By the time I finished washing down the deck it was just before 9 am and time to check in at the office.  Rich and Marnie are off Wednesdays and Thursdays so I just wanted to check in with our student workers to be sure they had enough work to keep them busy, and make a couple of suggestions in case they did not.

I then returned to opening the rest of the facilities as I do each day, and then rake and sweep the horseshoe pit area, then down to the mini golf to blow the ever present eucalyptus leaves off each hole.  After that I returned to 3, or 4 of the holes to sweep off whatever I was unable to blow off  the artificial turf.  

By the time that was done it was approaching 11:30 am, and time for my lunch break.  When I returned I had two hours left on my 7 hour shift, so I retrieved the riding lawnmower to do my monthly mowing of the roads up to the water tank.  There are two ways up to the water tank, but I utilize one of them about 99% of the time, however, both need to be kept clear.  When I use the riding lawnmower I get a lot of dirt and vegetable matter on my person......

.....if you click on each picture and enlarge it you will see what I mean.  Needless to say, when I took my shower at the end of my shift there was a lot of dirt in the shower pan when I was done.

By the time I put away the riding lawnmower it was quitting time (2 pm) for me, so I bid TLE adieu for 3 hours and headed home to watch Stage 18 of Le Tour de France as has been my custom for almost 3 weeks now.  Stage 18, 19 and 20 are in the French Alps and involve some pretty serious climbing.  It is within the confines of these three stages that the winner of Le Tour will be determined....there are at least 5 riders who can still win.....very exciting.  This has been probably one of the most unpredictable tours in years.

I picked TLE up from the office at 5 pm, and that was another Thursday in the books.  Next Thursday will be August 1st.....cannot believe we are almost into August.....where is the summer going?

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