Sunday, July 14, 2019

Family time.....

2:29 pm - Sunday - July 14th - Ramona, CA - 94° F, 36% humidity, wind 11 mph out of the west by northwest......sunny, dry and hot.  Began work at 7 am again this morning, and finished at 12 pm.....home staying cool whilst TLE toils in the campground office.

Once again, Saturday, I began work at 7 am to get ahead of the heat.  Even though the pool is mostly in the shadows at 7 to 9 am each morning it seems the concrete deck never fully cools overnight.  You can still feel the heat from the prior day each morning.  All that being said, it is still better to clean the pool at 7 am, than at 9 direct sunlight.

While I was checking the pump filter for the Jacuzzi I found a crack in the PVC pipe entering the large sand filter.  I let Rich know at our 9 am meeting, and he was able to order a new part so we will have that to replace in the next week, or so......

Growing crack in the PVC pipe entering the large sand filter
at the Jacuzzi

I didn't need to vacuum the pool Saturday, but still did not finish with the pool until almost 8:30 am.  After our 9 am meeting I headed up to open the Red Barn and found someone had torn the felt on the pool table the night have to go out of your way to tear the sad.....

 Tear in the felt of the pool table

.....I made another run up the fire road from the Red Barn and finished at the office.  Once again the air was very clear......

 Very clear Saturday

Another of the chainsaw sculptures in the park

......I picked up TLE for lunch at 11:30 am fully intending to return to work at 12 pm for my final two hours, but it was just too hot.  There were no projects for me to do inside so I called it quits for the day....with Rich's point in overextending myself doing 'keep busy' type work.  

TLE got off work early (2:40 pm) so we could drive down the hill to Poway to meet up with our daughter Sharon, her husband Rod, and son Brayden for an early dinner at California Pizza Kitchen.....

Brayden....what a cute little guy!

.....we arrived just before 3:30 pm, and Sharon with her family a few minutes later.  We had a nice 90 minutes talking about their weekend trip to San Diego and Sea World.  We haven't seen them since the middle of May, and Brayden's conversational abilities have increased dramatically during that time.  So happy we are close enough to see our kids and their families periodically!

We were back home by 5:30 pm relaxing in the cool A/C, which we did not turn off until after 8 pm when it once again dropped back into the 70's.

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