Monday, July 15, 2019

Another Sunday short day......

8:23 am - Monday - July 15th - Ramona, CA - 76° F, 42% humidity, wind - CALM....clear, blue, warm skies with a forecast high of 99° F.

The new playground equipment we have been awaiting arrived about a week ago, and although the installation progress has seemed slow it is beginning to take shape.  I think there is one more slide to install, and the swings, but it is almost ready for use......

....along with the various chainsaw sculptures around the park someone at some distance point in the past used their artistic skills to paint cars on some of the large boulders in the playground area.....

......this is the area where I spend a couple of hours each day keeping everything clean, and ready for use........

 Playground area

......just keeping the pool clean, and ready for the onslaught each day of customers takes most of my time.  As is my custom I vacuumed the pool and Jacuzzi on Sunday.  Keeping the PH levels correct, and the chlorine levels where they should be is getting easier for me week by week.....

Crystal clear


.......I finished cleaning the pool by 9 am and headed down to the office for our usual 9 am meeting with Rich and Marnie before heading back out to open the storage area and Red Barn. There was an afternoon wedding scheduled for Sunday so all of us spent some time in and around the barn sprucing it up for the wedding party.

After I finished there I did something I don't normally do.....I cleaned the bathrooms.  That took me most of the rest of my 5 hour shift, but it was inside, right?  Out of the heat, and direct sunlight.  I finished the final bathroom around 11:30 am, and then went to lunch to complete my 5 hour shift.

Because of the 4 pm wedding TLE worked until 4:30 pm to be sure all the guests got through the security gate.  I drove the golf cart down to the office around that time to pickup TLE, and take her home.   I spent the afternoon watching every minute of Le Tour de France Stage 9.

It got to around 95° F Sunday and promises to hit at least 99° F on Monday before it begins to cool back into the 80's by Wednesday.  It appears our next 5 days of work will see temps in the low to mid 80's.....much, much better!

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