Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Lab rat........

3:15 pm - Wednesday - July 16th - Ramona, CA - 87° F, 36% humidity, wind 13 mph out of the west....sunny, hot and clear.  We have reached the forecast high for today.  Went to work again at 7 am, so am just now getting to the blog post for Tuesday.

In less than a week I go in for my 2 month followup with my cardiologist (Dr. Mulvihill), so Tuesday I went into Ramona where his medical group (Arch Medial Group) has an urgent care facility  with a lab.  He wants to check my cholesterol after 2+ months taking a statin, as well as my heart, of course.  The lab opens at 7 am each day, and TLE and I were there about 7:15 am.  While I went in to get blood drawn TLE walked over to Starbucks to get us a couple of venti coffees.  I was the only lab customer, so was out and over to Starbucks just as TLE was coming out with our coffees. 

We sat outside enjoying the early morning coolness sipping our coffees before heading over to Stater Brothers to do our weekly shopping.  Wow, what a great time to go shopping....hardly anyone in the store at 7:30 am!

We were home a little after 8 am, and whilst TLE put away the groceries I proceeded to do our weekly black tank dump.  I have been filling the black tank with fresh water three times to dump it and get it clean, but just didn't feel like I was getting it as clean as I could so this time I was determined to keep filling the tank until I saw nothing but clear water being discharged.....that ended up being 7 times.  I was thinking back and I had been using my macerator pump to dump my black tank for over two months before arriving at RORVR, and probably had a lot of residual effluent from that time that was never quite being flushed out of the tank.  I'm hoping next week it will only take the usual 3 times to get it clean.

We had the A/C running from 10:30 am until almost 8 pm when the temp finally dipped into the 70's once again.  Once it gets under 80° F it cools off quickly.  We awoke today (Wednesday) to 56° F at 6 am....quite a swing from the high of 95° F Tuesday.

TLE had me grill a salmon filet we purchased at Stater Brothers which she topped with some mango/habanero salsa.....delish!

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