Saturday, July 20, 2019

Just like we like them!

6:46 pm - Saturday - July 20th - Ramona, CA - 79° F, 44% humidity, wind 8 mph out of the west.......clear skies......the high today was 85° F....a very pleasant day!

I can see now why I always wrote my daily blog post first thing every the time I get home from work around 2 pm I am ready for a nap, and before I know it the afternoon has flown away and it is going on 7 pm with no blog yet written.  Maybe I'll have to start writing my blog posts for a given day that very afternoon, not the next day's afternoon like I have been doing. 

So what happened Friday?  Well, as is my custom I swept and vacuumed the pool.  I'm sure you've noticed that since the summer got busier customer wise I have been vacuuming the pool Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.  That seems to be working to keep the pool at its best.  On Thursdays and Saturdays I spend time cleaning the lounge chairs, and other pool furniture, sweeping up leaves from the deck, etc.  It takes about an hour to do that, as opposed to two hours when I sweep and vacuum.  

Friday is also my split shift day, so I begin work at 7 am, and am done with my first 5 hours by 12 pm.  I have 5 hours off work before returning at 5 pm.  Fridays we usually have a lot of arrivals.....well, a lot for RORVR.  We had 17 this Friday, and they typically arrive between 4 and 7 pm so I spend a lot of time near the entrance from 5-7 pm directing traffic, and keeping the entrance clear so regular customers don't get backed up behind people checking in for the weekend.  I also visit the pool several times to police people bringing alcohol, food and other beverages  into the pool area.

I received a new hat I ordered from Amazon on Friday.  It has a piece of material to keep the sun off my neck......

....I won't be wearing it all the time, but on those occasions where I am working in direct sunlight for long periods of time I will be glad I purchased it....only cost $15..........

 The entrance to the park off SR-78....empty now, but a few minutes later three RV's arrived and things got busy.

....a few weeks ago the owner of the park leased and had delivered to our lower parking lot a large water storage tank.  It holds about 25,000 gallons of water for fighting fires, if there should be any......

Emergency supply to be used to fight any fires on our property took about 6 days to fill it using our well water, but now it is full.  I hope we never have to use it! We do have several fire hydrants in the park, but if a fire should sweep over our 10,000 gallon synthetic material (think melting plastic) water tank, or if it should be drained fighting a fire, we now have the extra 25,000 gallons.

So that was our uneventful Friday.....just like we like them....thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Clarke, I’m happy to see you guys are still at it and enjoying yourselves.

  2. Your days are pretty much full then but I'm glad you have some down time too. Love the hat, the back of the neck is where men don't think to cover. Bill's is the most tanned part of his body! :)