Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Minus fourteen.......

6:25 am - Wednesday - September 11th - Ramona, CA - 59° F, 84% humidity, wind - CALM......overcast again this morning with a forecast high of 82° F....sweet!

We awoke to heavy overcast Tuesday morning, which is always a very welcome occurrence.  The high for the day was 78° F which made it even better.......

 Looks like a marine layer.....

.....I reported for work at 8 am once again, but was only working until 12 pm as I had a doctor's appointment down in Poway with Dr. Ruben to remove the 14 stitches she had placed in my right ear to close the MOHS surgery wound, but more on that later.

I was finished with the pool by 9 am, and then headed up to clean up the horseshoe pits, which had not been touched by anyone since I worked on them Friday.  They were a mess, and it took me about 30 minutes to bring them back to respectability.  

I was called on the 2-way radio about midway through working the pits with a report of a small rattle snake down by the #1 restrooms.  I drove down to see where the snake was before I retrieved our snake wrangling equipment (a long PVC pipe with a nylon cable loop on the end and a 5 gallon bucket with a lid) from the tool shed.    I had the snake in the 5 gallon bucket within minutes and then transported him/her up to higher ground way in back of the park where I released him/her back into the wild.....

.....the snake was about 18-20 inches long.....not very big, but still dangerous.

By the time I finished the horseshoe pits, and then the mini golf holes it was close to my quitting time, so I returned my tools to the tool shed, and headed for home with TLE who took an early lunch.  Since there was no surgery this day, and, therefore, no anesthesia she remained at work while I drove down to Poway.

My appointment was for 1 pm, but I arrived at 12:30 pm, and, much to my surprise, they took me in right away for the stitch removal.  I was finished and out the door before my scheduled 1 pm appointment, and on my way over to COSTCO to retrieve another prescription (Beta Blocker), plus pick up a couple of things for TLE.

My original blood pressure monitoring device went kaput Tuesday morning so I stopped off at the CVS Pharmacy in Ramona on my way home to buy a new one which is made by Buerer, and has a Blue Tooth connection which will enable it to automatically transfer my daily blood pressure readings to a program (Health Coach) on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 each day.  I used to record them manually each day on a piece of paper and then transfer them into my phone once a week, so this new monitoring device will relieve me of one task in my

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