Sunday, April 18, 2021


 7:38 am - Sunday - April 18th - Seal Rock, OR - 43° F, 100% humidity, wind - zero mph out of the north....foggy, and overcast this morning with a forecast high today of 58° F.  And so it is gone....our wonderful, dry, sunny will be back.

On this date in 2018 we were 'Standin' on the Corner' in Winslow, AZ......↴

For the first time in over a week we awoke to overcast skies, but not just overcast, there was this heavy fog rolling in and out from the ocean.  I had plans to paint the second Adirondack chair orange Sunday, but would have to hold off until the fog rolled back out to sea, and things dried out a tad, and that happened around 11 am.  Soon I had the chair disassembled, and on the table to be painted....I also hung a few of the smaller pieces from the patio awning arm using coat hangers so I could paint all the sides at the same time......

.....and soon I had applied the first two, of 4 coats of paint to the various parts......

....hanging the smaller pieces worked out well.  By the time I finished with the fourth coat of paint on all the pieces the sun came out, unexpectedly, aiding in the drying process.  I was finally able to reassemble the chair with the expert assistance of TLE by late afternoon, and then place it back in its rightful spot on the 'lido deck' will be ready for sitting upon after 24 hours......

I got it back together quickly with TLE's always 
need one more hand, right?

Now the 'lido deck' is complete...that sun really makes them 'pop'

......this 'Painter's Touch' Rust-Oleum acts as primer and paint, and from my brief two day experience is worth the cost..... between coats of paint I managed to get the VW washed again, so it was a busy Saturday for me.  By 6 pm the fog had returned with a vengeance, and things began to get wet outside just as quickly.  Since there was to be NO visible sunset this evening we returned indoors to watch a  couple of movies, Nobody (2021) starring Bob Odenkirk, and then a second movie called 'Courier' (2020), a true story about the 'Cold War'.  Both are recently released movies meant for the big screen, but there are not a lot of 'big screens' open right now, especially on the Oregon Coast, so they have also been released to some streaming services.

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