Tuesday, April 6, 2021

La Dentista - Updated, and pictures added

I am at the dentist today, and had to leave Ontario very early to get here on time,  so I will post about Monday later today.  Thank you for your patience!


7:30 am - Wednesday - April 7th - Ontario, CA.........

I woke up Tuesday morning around 4:25 am......five minutes before my rarely used alarm was set to awaken me.  I took a shower, dressed, and was in the 2020 Toyota Corolla rental car just before 5:30 am.  It would take me 3.5 hours to reach the Quechan Casino parking lot at the U.S./Mexican border.....I arrived just a few minutes before 9 am.....my scheduled appointment with Dr. Urena was for 9:30 am, so I had 30 minutes to walk the four blocks to her dental office.....it took me just 10 minutes to cover the distance.

By 9:30 am I was in the chair, and Dr. Urena was working to clean out, and fill in 2 cavities in adjoining teeth between the gum line, and the crowns on each tooth.  These are the first cavities I have had in over 25 years, and, of course, they had to be difficult ones.

By 11 am both cavities were filled, and I was on my way walking back to the U.S. border.  I made and quick stop at the Purple Pharmacy to by another supply of antibiotics, and was through the border checkpoint by 11:20 am, and back at the car a few minutes later.  The line at the border was very short compared to a month ago.

One cool think about the Toyota Corolla renta car is its 'self driving' feature.  Once I was on the Interstate (10) I turned on the cruise control, set the speed, and the car take over.  The only time I touched the steering wheel was to change lanes, and when I had to stop at a traffic light on the highway which runs along the west side of the Salton Sea.  When traffice slowed, the car slowed, always keeping a distance of 6 car lengths between me and the car in front.  As soon as traffic sped up again, the car accelerated back to the speed I had preset....very cool, and much less tiring!

I make a stop on the way home in Westmorland to top off my tank, and then again in Mecca to get some lunch at the local Starbucks.....a fruit and cheese bowl chased with a, you guessed it, Mocha Frapuccino.  I back at my son's home by 3:30 pm, and taking a long nap.....thanks for stopping by!


  1. Nice to hear that Dr. Urena is still in business. It was funny to say you left 'Ontario' for the dentist since we are from Ontario, Canada. Ha ha

  2. Wow! What a long day for you.....self driving car sounds crazy, but as you said I'm sure less tiring.