Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Late start......

7:34 am - Wednesday - April 21st - Seal Rock, OR - 45° F, 100% humidity, wind - zero mph out of the north......cloudy this morning with clearing later, and a forecast high of 57° F.  On this date in 2014 we were exploring Arches National Park (near Moab, UT) with good friends David and Denise.....↴

I received a text from Terry around 9 am asking if I wanted to wait to start my work day until the gravel delivery arrived to which I answered in the affirmative.  Of course, just as happened the last time, they were not on time for their promised morning delivery.  Around 12:15 pm, with no gravel truck in evidence, I decided to go to work.  I needed to finish trimming the grass in site A-3, and the drainage ditch which runs down Cross Street between site A-3 and the office.  Ironically, I was just finishing when the truck arrived....

The drainage ditch, and site A-3 are good to go 
for another couple of weeks

...I left the Stihl string trimmer on the picnic table in site A-3 to be retrieved on my way down the hill on the tractor, and then walked up the hill to the barn to get the tractor.  As has been the case the past few times I have used the tractor it started on the first try, and I was on my way to spread more gravel by 1:20 pm.

Terry had me start in site C (next to the park model cabin) moving gravel from the back of the site to the front of the site.....this site has always been high in back, at least since we arrived last September, and Terry wanted to try and make it more level..... took me about 90 minutes to reconfigure the site, but we now have a much more level site, and a large entry apron (on the left in the picture) enabling customers to back into this site more easily in the future.  By the time I put the finishing touches on site C it was almost 3 pm, and time to call it a day so I parked the loader in site C, and headed for home.  

You've probably noticed I have been working more than two hours on most of my shifts lately, and frankly I am enjoying a little more work, and more time to finish what I am doing each day before I punch the clock.  With the arrival of spring, and soon summer, there is a lot more to do, especially since we are not getting nearly as much rain as we were a month ago.  Soon we will transition to 4 days on (Monday through Thursday), and 3 days off work (Friday through Sunday).

We had sunshine through the middle of the day, but the marine layer returned late afternoon to spoil any chance of a Coastal Oregon sunset.

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