Saturday, April 24, 2021

'Hockwald definition.....'

 9:26 am - Saturday - April 24th - Seal Rock, OR - 45° F, 100% humidity, wind - zero mph out of the began raining sometime after midnight, and continues raining as I write this morning....there goes our rainless  On this date in 2014 we were eastbound on I-70 passing through the Eisenhower Tunnel (1.7 miles long) on our way to Denver, CO......↴

Light traffic in the eastbound lanes of I-70 in the 
Eisenhower Tunnel on this morning in 2014

For the past 4, or 5 days we have been introduced to the local marine layer phenomenon.  In SoCal we call it 'May, June gloom'.  Since this is our first winter and spring spent on the Oregon Coast we are experiencing the weather which is typical during these months of the year for the first time.  I know that sometime this summer when the days get much warmer we will be grateful for this daily, morning overcast.

As you know, Friday at SRRVC* is our Saturday, but technically, if you apply the Hockwald definition**, it is really 5th Saturday.  We have learned over the years of our retirement to avoid doing any retail shopping on Real Saturday, or Sunday.  The best days for shopping (groceries, hardware, or any retail) are 2nd (Tuesday) and 3rd Saturday (Wednesday), but any day other than Real Saturday, or Sunday is better.  The retail outlets, as well as the streets are way less crowded on these days.   Once and a while we forget (another symptom of retirement) which day of the week it is, and mistakenly go shopping on Real Saturday, as we did a few weeks ago after we had a late breakfast at The Coffee House on Yaquina Bay.  Newport was crazy crowded on that Real Saturday, and it only takes one mistake like that to jerk you back to reality, and recommit to shopping on 2nd, or 3rd Saturday until the next time you lose track of what day of the week it is.  We do have a 'day clock' to help us remember what day of the week it is, but you have to actually look at it once and a while to be reminded......

The big arrow is pointing to Saturday today, so it must be Real Saturday

....well, in keeping with the preceding we spent part of 5th Saturday (Friday) in Newport shopping.  We didn't leave SRRVC* until around 12:15 pm to drive into Newport.  I needed a few things at Ace Hardware, so we stopped there first, and then headed over to Walmart.  We don't shop at Walmart often here in Coastal Oregon, but there are some staples TLE prefers to buy there, and some of those staples were getting low in supply.  As is often the case, both stores had very few people in them on 5th Saturday, and traffic through town was quite light.

On the way home we stopped at a new bakery/coffee place in Seal Rock called 'Chubby Lil' Mermaid' to check them out.  We got two cups of coffee, and a bowl of French Onion soup to take home (no indoor, or alfresco dining there yet).  We sat on the 'lido deck' enjoying the soup and coffee as well as the mid afternoon marine layer.  Even though it was in the low 50's there was no wind, so it was quite pleasant.

While TLE put away the groceries I spent time outside checking out some solar yard lights I haven't deployed since we spent a month near Borrego Springs, CA boondocking last February.  They've been sitting in the space under our entry stairs since then, and need to be out in the sun for a day, or two to get them recharged, and ready to use again.  I had totally forgotten about them, and wish I had deployed them a long time ago.

Before I knew it 5 pm came and went, and it was time to head inside for dinner, which consisted of some white fish, and an avocado, tomato, corn, red onion, black olives and cilantro dressed with a lime vinegarette.....yum.  I spent the rest of the evening finishing the latest Jack Carr book, Devil's Hand, I wrote about a few days ago.  It's a little over 500 pages, and is a really good read.  It is the fourth book in a series called 'Terminal List', which I highly recommend.

Thanks for stopping by!

*SRRVC = Seal Rock RV Cove

**Hockwald definition = When you retire each day of the former work week feels like Saturday.  In honor of that 'feeling' TLE and I renamed Monday 1st Saturday, Tuesday 2nd Saturday, etc making Friday 5th Saturday.

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