Friday, May 2, 2014

A day does make a difference!

Thursday was a little warmer and dryer than the prior 5 days, but there was still that persistent cold wind.  I decided about 10:30 to brave the wind and finish my rear bumper project which had been on hold since last Sunday when it began to rain, and get very cold.  Before I could attach and secure the replacement bumper I needed to install the two pieces of diamond plate I had shaped last Sunday.  First I applied a liberal amount of silicone caulking to the side that would face the aluminum skin of the Newell, then drilled 12 holes in each for the 24 rivets that will keep each of them securely affixed.



Ever since that fateful moment back in July of 2012 when my ego led to the resultant damage I have been thinking of how to fix it.  Had I chosen to have it professionally fixed the cost, after my $500 deductible would have been thousands of dollars.  My actual costs were $62.50 for the bumper (eBay), and $24 for the single piece of 12" x 24" diamond plate......that's it.....$86.50.....less than 1/5th of my deductible, and I don't have the accident on my insurance record.  As long as six months ago I began collecting the materials to fix it.  Even though I believed my solution would work, and not only work, but look good, there was this element of doubt in my mind.  It's a wonderful thing when your vision actually matches up to reality.  I think it all came out quite well.....what about you?  Although you cannot see it in this picture, there is an identical piece of diamond plate attached to the left rear corner, too, providing the necessary symmetry.....all visual evidence of  my male bravado at its worst has been covered over.  The bumper fit perfectly, and actually took me less time to re-install than to remove the old damaged one.

Most people never noticed the damage, but I did.......over the 22 months since my mistake it has served as a daily reminder to me to be humble and accept help when offered, but Thursday it was time to cover up the boo boo and restore our baby to the picture of grace and elegance she so richly deserves.

Once the 6 bolts attaching the aluminum bumper to the frame were tight I re-installed the license plate and the 7 pin plug for the trailer.  The large hole just to the right of where the license plate is attached was for a 7 pin plug.  My goal is to utilize that hole, but I will need to buy a new 7 pin plug that will fit that space, so for now I will jut cover it with a piece of aluminum sheet metal cut to fit.

While I was outside toiling in the wind and cold TLE was doing a few loads of wash in our "splendid" Splendide......I am also very thankful for our Splendide washer/dryer makes our life easier.

I was completely finished with my project by 2:30 and headed back inside to warm up, and take nap.  We had a dinner date at Todd and Dawn's home at 7 pm, so around 5:30 I decided to take a long, hot shower, which worked wonders for my cold disposition.

We had a lovely time again with Todd and Dawn, and actually sat outside on the patio for about 20 minutes before dinner was served.  It was as if someone had flipped a switch.....there was no wind, and you could see blue sky peeking out from behind the clouds.

This morning as I write we are being bathed in pure, delicious sunlight....

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  1. Great job! It looks better than new.


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