Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Snow Day


....and then......


Tuesday was pretty much a "wash" for us......the snow turned to rainfall around mid morning, which continued on for the rest of the day, and all through the night, and continues as I write this morning.....just a steady drizzle hour after hour.  I am by no means complaining.....nothing I enjoy more than a day reading, drinking a 3rd and 4th cup of coffee while "mother nature" has her way outdoors.  After I was able to rake the snow off our patio awning I only went outside one more time to rake snow off the XM radio antenna that had built up and was blocking our signal.  Early in the morning we had no TV as the satellite dish was covered in snow.  I think in the almost 2.5 years we have been traveling we have only lost the TV signal once due to amazingly heavy rainfall, and never the XM radio signal.  Eventually the rain cleared the satellite dish and we were able to watch the Weather Channel for a while (362 on DirecTV).

We both spent the day reading to the sound of electric heaters, and rain on the roof with the promise of more Wednesday, but things are looking up in the 5 day forecast.

Early evening we watched the Heat emerge victorious over the Pacers in game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals, as they always seem to do after losing game one of any playoff series.  To close out the evening we watched "Lincoln", which we had not yet seen, and thoroughly enjoyed Daniel Day Lewis' performance in the lead role of Abraham Lincoln, as well as the performances of the supporting cast members.

The chance of rain for Wednesday is 50% overall, but for right now we are getting the 50% chance of "no rain", and there is no snow on the ground to keep us inside.  Life is good, and we are enjoying the relative quiet of the campground for the time being, knowing that this weekend is Memorial Day weekend, and the kickoff for the summer season here in Tahoe. Soon campers will be flooding into campgrounds all around Lake Tahoe and it will get a little noisier, and more congested as things warm up.

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