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What we love about settling into an area for a period of time is getting to know the local people, hangouts, points of interest, etc.  When we first moved into our Newell on a full time basis in February of 2011 we began our new life in a county park called Rancho Jurupa Regional Park in Riverside, CA.  Now, Riverside was just 13 miles from our stix and brix home of 25 years, but we had never really spent any time there, and knew virtually nothing about the city.  Over the next year we became very familiar with Riverside, and really came to love its energy and charm.  Although we still own our home in Ontario (we lease it out 1 year at a time) we have come to consider Riverside our home town now.  

We experienced this same dynamic when we spent just over 5 weeks living in Cedar Key, FL beginning in late December, 2013.  Next to Lake Tahoe, Cedar Key is one of our favorite places in the United States.  Many of the friendships we have formed since we began traveling find their roots in Cedar Key.  We first met Bill and Debby in Cedar Key in March of 2012....just 5, or 6 weeks into our nomadic adventure.  There was an immediate affinity, and then we found out they were originally from Lake Tahoe before they decided to become full time nomads.  Well, that just "sealed the deal" as they say.  Later that year many of us who met for the first time in Cedar Key returned for extended stays.  We got to know Bill and Debby better....went bicycling with them, dinned out together, took walks, etc.

When we both arrived in South Lake Tahoe a week ago we had not seen each other since February of 2013......our paths had come close to intersecting on several occasions, but things did not quite work out to hook up, yet we maintained contact via Facebook, and their blog entitled "Bill and Debby's Wild Ride".  So, when we both arrived at Tahoe Valley Campground (to be referred to from this point on as TVC) it was as if no time had passed....we just picked up where we left off....and that is how it has been with our other Cedar Key friends (Chris & Cherie, Sam & Tracy, Dennis & Jeanette, Krash & Karen, Brian & Maria, and Bill & Debby).

Fish Taco Friday's at Steamers Bar & Grill
  Now, with the help of Bill and Debby we are getting to know South Lake Tahoe in depth.  On Friday around 1 pm we bicycled over to a local eatery that serves a Fish Taco Special every Friday.....Steamers Bar and Grill, a funky, divey kind of place with a large outdoor patio.  Steamers is only a short mile's bike ride, if that, from TVC.  Debby's son, Jake, joined us for lunch, and I enjoyed talking to him about the local mountain biking scene.  One of the benefits about sitting in one place for a long time is you can meet people who have similar interests.  One of my only disappointments about our nomadic life is the difficulty I have going mountain biking.  I don't go by myself as a rule as often mountain biking takes you into remote areas where, if you are injured, it may be a time before anyone finds you, or help arrives.  I prefer, especially as I get older, to mountain bike in the company of others.

The scene of the "Good To Be Home" Happy Hour

Later in the day, just after 5, we convened at Bill and Debby's site for their annual "It's Good To Be Home" Happy Hour.  Throughout the evening we were introduced to a rather eclectic group of people.....most younger than us.....many of whom also mountain bike the local trails on a regular basis, and I was invited to join a group of them Saturday morning for a ride.....just what I have been hoping for!  We met people from all walks of life, including Ron who comes every year with a keg of his latest micro brew.  His brew of choice this evening was a what he calls a Belgian Quad coming in at about 8.5 ABV....a truly great sipping beer that rivals some of the best we have sampled over the past few years.  Of course there were Mark, Michelle, Paul, Daniel, Julie, Steve, Danielle, Bob & Jen, and their daughter Scarlett....the list goes on, and no doubt we will see them at future Happy Hours.....this laid back, almost "island" mentality is what I am coming to love about the South Lake Tahoe vibe.

We trundled home about 9 pm and while TLE headed for slumberland I got my mountain bike ready for riding Saturday morning.....

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