Sunday, May 4, 2014

Head Case

For the second time in two months I find myself with a head cold.....or at least that's what I think it is.......what is it about this time of year, huh?  At least this year I've only had head colds.....last year at this time within 60 days I had the flue twice.  With the head colds I am not bed ridden......just slightly miserable.  I guess if you are going to get a cold it is better to get it during the winter when you don't feel like being outside.....nothing much worse than a head cold in the summer.

Saturday was one of the nicest days since we arrived 8 days ago, and we had wanted to go for a bike ride........."wanted" is the key word here......once I had determined that I did indeed have a head cold (with a slight cough), or at least a reasonable facsimile thereof, I decided the better part of valor would be to stay at home and rest.  Another thing I wanted to accomplish Saturday (nice weather an all) was to install my 5 new red marker lights on the top of the rear cap, but once again it did not seem wise to be out in the cold morning air at the top of a ladder for a few hours. My good friend Todd was going to help me with the job, but once I decided I was going to take the day off to rest he opted to go ahead and move his 1984 Newell over to his mechanic's shop (Interstate Power Systems) to have them check on an air leak he has in his air suspension.  I followed Todd in his Suburban over to the shop, and then he drove me back to the fairgrounds.

Once back I decided to drive over to the local Verizon Wireless store on 41st to find out what was wrong with my phone charger......when I first got my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 it would charge in about an it wouldn't charge up fully overnight.  As it has always been over my 20+ years with Verizon they took care of me quickly.....within minutes I was walking back out the door with a new no fuss.

While I was in the neighborhood I decided to take a walk around Menards......a chain of "we've got everything" stores here in the midwest.....and they do have everything.....they are mostly a DIY store, but they also carry clothing, general household items, and some groceries.  

By the time I got back home TLE had left with Dawn to go to a local farmer's market, and to Costco....time to stock up on a few things as we begin our run west to Lake Tahoe for the summer.

I did manage to complete one more small project which took me outside for about 20 minutes......I installed the new windshield wipers I had shipped here ahead of our arrival.  After that I spent the rest of the day napping, and watching three NBA playoff games.....all three were game 7's, which is a rarity.  Ironically, Sunday will see two more NBA game 7's.....five game 7's in two has never happened.  The L.A. Clippers managed to outlast the Golden State Warrior to win by 5......their game ended just after midnight.

That was our the way, I am feeling much better this morning (Sunday).....that's the other thing about these last two head colds.....they don't seem to last long......maybe in my old age I'm getting allergies.....that's what TLE thinks.  Of course, being a lifetime allergy sufferer I think she'd like to have company.  Nevertheless, I'm beginning to lean more in her direction......the "cold" I had while in Wittmann, AZ came during a very windy stretch of days.....once the wind abated the symptoms seemed to abate also.  The same thing here in Sioux that the winds have abated I seem to be feeling much better.

By the way, I had an interesting comment to my insinuation yesterday that there are only two seasons in South Dakota.....July and Winter.  MH Moore retorted,  "Clarke, you are wrong...South Dakota has 4 seasons...Hot, Cold, Damn Cold.....and road construction"....that made me laugh!

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