Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ride, Captain, Ride......

What a ride we had Tuesday from Lincoln to North Platte.....partly cloudy, 15 mile an hour tale wind and smooth roads.......I mean smooooooth roads!  All I did was set the cruise control and hold on to the steering wheel for 236 miles.

We stopped at 3 Rest Areas along the way......we had breakfast at the first one about 65 miles out from Lincoln, then took a mile walk at each of the last two before arriving in North Platte around 4 pm.  The last Rest Area (19 miles east of North Platte) is one of our favorite Rest Areas on the Interstate system, and we have been to a lot of them.  It is like a lap around the park is about 1/2 mile.

 Stainless steel sculpture on the pond next to the Rest Area


 Granite sculpture at the Rest Area

Holding on to the steering wheel

Straight, smooth I-80

We parked in our usual spot in the Super Walmart, just as we have done 2 times previously.  The shot below was taken from the third floor of Bailey's American Cuisine which we visited for dinner around 6 pm.....we loved this restaurant so much the last time we were here we had to come back for more.  We didn't know they had an upstairs extension of the ground floor restaurant with full bar, and a nice view so we decided to eat upstairs this time.  You can just see the Newell peeking out from behind a tree in the Walmart parking lot.

TLE opted for a glass of their "house" Cabernet and I tried a pint of their Peach Wheat Ale......I'm not big on "see through" brews, but this one was very good.   We added some Cajun Shrimp and split a Chicken Caesar Salad.  The Shrimp was to die for.....loved their sauce.

After a lovely dinner we walked a couple of blocks over to the local Goodwill, which we visited on our last pass through North Platte.....this time TLE scored big time with two pairs of shorts, a skirt, and 3 shirts, including a Caribbean Joe shirt for a total of $18.

We arrived "home" around 7:30 and while TLE did some reading I watched some more NBA playoff basketball.....the Heat trounced the Nets, and the Spurs did likewise to the Trailblazers in the late game.  We watched NCIS at 10 pm (West Coast feed) and then went to bed at 11 with the intent of getting an early start on Wednesday's drive into Cheyenne, WY where the forecast shows thunder showers early afternoon and into the evening.  We hope to get there before the rain starts.

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  1. Clarke, do y'all wash clothes anymore? Sounds like y'all just swap out the dirty clothes for clean ones at Goodwill!
    Haha! Sounds like y'all are enjoying being back on the road. We're heading back to Louisiana for a month then the Newell rally then to Colorado for the summer.

  2. Haha! It would seem that way wouldn't it? We're headed west to Lake Tahoe for the summer.....supposed to snow here in Cheyenne tonight....


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